Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion’s Blogging Resolutions for 2013

2013 Blogging Resolutions | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

I’m loath to witter on about making New Year’s Resolutions too much, as I find that, sometimes, the more you shout about your goals, the harder it is to stick to them. However I think it’s important to set yourself goals, challenges, resolutions – whatever you want to call them – throughout life, and the start of a new year is as good a time to start as any.

This will undoubtedly sound like a #firstworldproblem, but I think many of you will agree that blogging can be hard work. From getting the right shot to finding your voice, or having conviction in your post ideas and trying to work out that pesky piece of HTML, running a blog takes time, effort and commitment. This year I want Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion to continue to develop and I’ve put together a short list of Blogging Resolutions for myself that you might want to follow, too.

  • Content is Queen. Refining content and keeping what works and what doesn’t will be a big part of 2013. Keepers include Rock The Week and Something for The Weekend posts, plus more outfit posts and beauty reviews, plus a few curve balls, too.
  • Comment and reply. Sometimes working hard on your blog can be so engrossing that you forget to check out what everyone else is doing, so this year I’m planning on reading lots of new blogs, starting with some of the #SWBXmas crew, plus actually commenting instead of mentally thinking how great someone’s outfit looks, and being more diligent about replying to the comments I receive.
  • Redesign. Nothing major, but I’d like to freshen up the look of Ship-Shape, which also means getting better acquainted with HTML and not being afraid of change.
  • Time management. Some bloggers work from their phones, some spend one night working on their content for the whole week, while I seem to spend every other evening glued to my computer – sound familiar? For 2013 I’d like to get better at scheduling content in advance and freeing up more time to spend with Mr Ship-Shape and our friends.
  • More meet-ups. #SWBXmas was a great opportunity to meet other regional bloggers and I look forward to more of the same this year, even if it is mostly on a much smaller scale. Plus, meeting up with fellow bloggers would give friends and family a brake from me waffling on about text alignment or which software is the best for editing outfit photos…

For some more blogging resolutions and ideas, check out IFB’s resolution round-up.

What blogging resolutions are you making this year?

Happy New Year!

SJ x



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11 responses to “Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion’s Blogging Resolutions for 2013

  1. Some great blogging resolutions. And I am definitely with you on more outfit posts and blogger meetups! Happy New Year.

  2. Amy

    Totally with you here. Keep it manageable but keep it constant! i aim to be a more consistent blogger in general and get my photos looking really gorgeous. Following you now to see you do all of these! x

  3. I agree with all of these + Happy New Year :). Blogging is most definitely hard work, with the networking, thinking up new post ideas, taking photos and writing. It’s very rewarding but if can take up a massive chunk of a day. Good luck with the redesign 🙂 xx

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  6. I’ve only just seen this! Cracking list of aims to go for this year, fingers crossed we’ll muddle through the quagmire which is html coding!

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