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>Thai Tee Tao

Crazy-busy few days but we’ve finally made it to Koh Tao, an island off the coast of Thailand situated near Koh Pahngan (famous for hedonism and full moon parties), to chill out and learn to scuba dive . Before we left Bangkok I picked up a vest that I’ve had my eye on since we first got here.

Long colourful vests adorned with Thai beer companies and semi naked girls seem to have found a place in the hearts of many backpackers and while I’m not normally a fan of overly saturated trends, I couldn’t resist this tee, above.

The camera design is so old school and similar to my Pentax K1000 that for 150bhat I just had to have one. I wanted something a little loose fitting for on the beach so I picked this guy vest, which has the added bonus of that ‘I’m wearing my boyfriends tee’ feel, though I don’t think my boy would be seen dead in a ‘wife beater’…

The photo doesn’t quite do it justice but I’m currently hovering between mildly burnt and mildly tanned, hence why wearing white doesn’t look too appalling!


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Just a quickie as internet access is short and infrequent and I still need to Skype my mother to let her know I’m alive.

I’ve just been on a three day trip around Halong Bay which is basically a collection of small, mostly uninhabited islands off the coast of North Vietnam. The scenery was stunning but the temperature a little chilly – my gladiator sandals did not see the light of day once, which is a first for this trip.

We met some American girls whose footwear combination I fell in love with. This shot, above, is of the fantastically wrong but oh so right legwarmer/sandal combo, which I’ve mentioned in a previous post here. The dark brown leather sandals were purchased in Bangkok while the maroon cable knit legwarmers came from Pai in northern Thailand.

Yes, I know it sounds like I must be clutching at fashionable straws here but I need to create my own stylish entertainment since I have zero access to LFW. Plus, I just love a nice bit of cable knit.

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>Bristol Fashion Week @ Cribbs


A model struts her stuff on the catwalk at Bristol Fashion Week

While LFW is upon us I thought this would be a good time to mention that once again, Bristol will be having its own fashion extravaganza at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway in March.

From 25th to 28th The Mall will play host to a number of fashionable events and catwalk shows and the public will have numerous opportunities to enter competitions, receive freebies and discounts and take part in makeovers. Celebrity stylist Mark Heyes (of GMTV fame) will be hosting the S/S 2010 preview shows and hairdresser to the stars Andrew Barton will also be sharing tips with the public.

It is important for Bristol to continue to carve out a place for itself as the fashion capital of the South West so if you have a free morning or afternoon then go check it out. I will be blogging more about this bi-annual event once I’m back on Bristol soil but if you want to know more right now about show times, ticket prices and how you can be involved then check out the Cribbs website.

Image courtesy of Sarah King.

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Being out of the country and away from the life support that is The Internet, I’ve only just found out that the legendary British fashion designer Alexander McQueen died yesterday. The press do not yet know, or perhaps have just not yet told the awaiting public how McQueen died, only that he was found in his home by his housekeeper early yesterday morning.

I suppose I’m in a state of shock really, although it sounds so overly dramatic and self-involved to write such a thing. Its like remembering where you were when Michael Jackson died and I don’t think it is audacious to say that McQueen gave as much to the fashion world as Jackson did to the music world.

The picture above is from a shoot for Dazed & Confused in 1998, entitled Access-able, that featured McQueen’s designs on models with physical disabilities. Shot by Nick Knight, this was the first time I had heard of McQueen (or Knight for that matter) and fell in love with the spread. I think it is a testament to his desire to go against the grain and stick two fingers up at the fashion world. Love it.
Image courtesy of The Independent.


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>Pyjama Party: Cambodian Style

At first I thought it was me, and all the crazy travelling around I’ve undertaken – I certainly haven’t been having my usual eight hours of shut-eye – but having been in Cambodia for three days now I can officially confirm that I’m not hallucinating.

The women and children of Cambodia are indeed wandering around in their pyjamas. And not just any old PJs either – these matching blouse and trouser combos come with an exciting array of cartoon animals and doodles on too. Sickeningly sweet cherry, heart and teddy bear designs adorn what most of us would only ever consider wearing under the covers, or perhaps on a quick trip to Tesco.

Although the image above (courtesy of the rather amusing Michelle’s in Cambodia) portrays a young girl, I’ve seen many women of all ages sporting what most of us would consider a fashion faux par. Designs aside, one of the strangest things to me is how neat and tidy these items of clothing are.

Cambodia is a dry, dusty and poverty stricken country and many of the clothes I’ve seen Cambodian women wearing understandably have these tell tale signs; washed out, worn and dirty around the edges. So far all the pyjamas I’ve seen have been pristine in apperence. According to some of the blog posts I’ve read, this is beacuse the pyjama outfit is reserved for going out and is the height of fashion.

I’ll try to get some of my own pictures while in Phnom Penh but if you want to know more about this fashion fad then check out Challenge Nora or the blog mentioned above.

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>Bangkok Fairytales

After a shaky start and a serverly delayed plane I’m now in Bangkok, in the backpacker area of Banglamphu. So far I’ve only had the day to explore but already this pulsating city reminds me of a fairytale place that I (Peter, Wendy and Tinkerbell too) like to call Never Never Land.

In South East Asia, Never Never Land is a haven for backpackers of the world; a hot, sweaty, sarong wearing utopia where the salt of the earth can come to unite and swap stories of island hopping, near-death experiences and inflated tuk-tuk prices. People watching on the infamous Khao San Road is a little like the moment when you see that group of lary, cross-dressing men at Glastonbury festival, only to realise that on closer inspection one of them is your bank manager.

To blend in like a Lost Boy, a few key items are essential. Firstly you need to kit yourself out with a variety of vest tops, sarongs and summer dresses. In many Asian countries it is inappropriate to flash your flesh but in Never Never Land anything goes, so long as it hasn’t been washed in a few days. Men should opt for combat style shorts and a loose fitting tank top to show off tribal tattoos, honed muscles and a healthy looking tan.

Next come the accessories – the heart of any girl’s wardrobe. Depending on how many memories you wish to take back with you, nothing says you’ve enjoyed yourself quite like a tattoo. Tribal, Celtic or even some of that pretty looking Chinese calligraphy would work well here, particularly when wrapped around your upper arm or on your calf. Jewellery is also important, especially if it is made from leather, thread or beads. You get bonus points if it has a religious or symbolic meaning.

A tan is another easy way to blend in, but only if you got it whilst trekking in Chang Mai or sailing around the Gulf of Thailand – sunbathing or (shudder) fake tanning is simply not acceptable. If you have no intention of inviting skin cancer to a private party then stick to looking pale and interesting while reading your worn down copy of The Beach.

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