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August Beauty Wishlist: Origins, NYR and Benefit’s Countdown to Love

August Beauty wishlist
Clarks Trade Fair  bag / Accessorize black cat hat / Topshop cream blush / Benefit rose blush / Rimmel matte finish lipstick / Neal’s Yard Remedies beauty balm / Origins Drink Up mask / L’Occitane body moisturiser Origins Drink Up mask / L’Occitane body moisturiser

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that my house has been a bit of a disaster zone recently. The long story involves leaks, concrete and an ill-advised trip to Italy. The short story involves builders and large chunk of savings disappearing into my kitchen ceiling.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve suddenly been confronted with a serious spending ban, but enforced frugality is making me seriously crave a shopping trip, and just when I can’t have them, I want ALL THE THINGS.

The things specifically being beauty treats that I’ve had my eye on for a while, such as the Origins Drink Up mask and Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm. As the history books say, when a country dips into a recession, smaller luxury items like lipstick fly off the shelves – perhaps turning to beauty is a miniature way of making me feel better about spending a small fortune on stainless steel and grout.

Speaking of miniatures, I’ve also been obsessing over the Benefit Countdown to Love advent calendar, not pictured, ever since I saw it on Jane’s blog yesterday morning. A shiny new Benefit mini every day for (nearly) a month, can you imagine!? It’ll be appearing in shops on 2nd November, on sale for one day only, and the only place you can by it in Bristol is Debenhams – see you at the Benefit counter?

Also on my wishlist this month is the divine Trade Fair black leather bag by Clarks – there was also a scarlet red version of this bag last season which I’m scouring eBay and charity shops to find – and a cat ear bowler hat. I’m guessing a quirky item like this has already featured a lot in blogland but it’s just so cute. Looking at it would also take my mind off calculating the amount of time I’ve spent in B&Q/Ikea/Homebase/Wickes in the past four weeks, therefore it’s a totally justifiable purchase, yes?

What’s on your shopping wishlist this month?

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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Rock The Week - Sweaty Betty extravaganza

  • Sweaty Betty. As I type this post, my limbs are aching sooo much but it’s all becuase I went to the Bristol Sweaty Betty Extravaganza on Friday night. Around 20 of us had workshops in yoga, self defence and HIT (High Intensity Training) on Brandon Hill, and only stopped after the rain got too heavy 10 minutes into our yoga session. It was great to work on my fitness but my arms and legs are paying for it today!
  • Nautical outfits. This week’s outfit post showcased my love of all things nautical, with red deck shoes and white and navy striped sun dress. All I need now is Claire’s anchor jumper to complete the look and I’ll be ready to set sail on my imaginary boat any day now…
  • Joules + Soap & Glory giveaway. The final thing that’s rocked my world this week is Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion reaching its 4th blogaverssary this month. I’m celebrating with a Joules giveaway and I’ve thrown in some Soap & Glory goodies too, so click on the post to find out how to enter!

What’s been rocking your world this week? How are you spending the Bank Holiday weekend? Let me know by commenting below…

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A Jolly Good Giveaway with Joules

Joules and Soap and Glory giveaway

This month Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion turned the grand old age of four, so I decided it was time to celebrate with a giveaway, courtesy of Joules.

This blog has changed so much since 2009 and I’m grateful to all of you who read it, comment on posts and listen to my ramblings on Twitter. There are so many directions I want to take Ship-Shape in and I hope you enjoy these developments as and when they happen.

If that mushiness hasn’t made you run screaming from your laptop then let’s get on with the giveaway!

Joules accessories giveaway

After I reviewed a beautiful jacket from Joules a few weeks ago, they kindly stepped in to offer up some prizes, in the form of this beautiful cotton scarf and seaside postcard style tote bag, both of which I wish I could keep for myself! As this a birthday giveaway I’ve also thrown in some Soap & Glory goodies, including their cheeky Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in Candy Gloss and The Greatest Scrub of All.

Want to win these sugary sweet goodies? All you need to do enter is be a follower of this blog, and if you want to follow myself and Joules on Twitter and Facebook too, then that would be just dandy!

NOTE: Unfortunately and Rafflecopter, the widget used to host this giveaway, don’t want to play nicely together, so to enter this giveaway you’ll need to follow the link below:

Ship-Shape’s Joules and Soap & Glory Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for taking the time to enter and for reading this blog in general – here’s to the next 12 months!

Joules tote bag giveaway

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Outfit Post: Nautical but nice…

Red Hey Dude shoes from Surfdome

Oh come on, with an outfit like this I didn’t have much choice did I? Despite the fact I think at least three posts in previous years must have bared the same title, I can’t help but reach for the seafaring puns when I wear an outfit like this.

Summer brings out the maritime nature of Bristol, with the Harbour Festival, warm evenings spent drinking next to the harbourside and Sunday walks across the Suspension Bridge. Despite there being a slight chill in the air recently, and the bombardment of A/W13 fashion stories in magazines and ‘back to school’ adverts on TV, I haven’t given up on this year’s summer just yet, so I’m making the most of dresses like this one from Mango.

Hey Dude shoes and Mango dress

I picked it up in the sale a couple of years ago when I was going through a stripe phase and these days it only comes out when the weather heats up. I’ve been looking for a pair of deck shoes to go with it for a while and I couldn’t resist this Hey Dude pair, sent to me by Surfdome.

The cherry red colour and contrasting bright white laces marry perfectly with the nautical theme of the dress, mirrored in the stripy lining of the shoes. The best thing about said shoes, by a brand I hadn’t heard of before perusing the Surfdome website, is how flippin’ comfortable they are – with cushioning inner soles and non-slip sloes. I appreciate that last sentence probably aged me by about fifty years, but when it comes to footwear practicality wins for me every time.

While these shoes may not actually be suitable for sailing, they tick the box for my love of all things nautical and will add a colourful boost to future outfits.

Are you a fan of the nautical look? Share your thoughts below…

White and navy dress – Mango / Red Hey Dude deck shoes – c/o Surfdome

Nautical dress and deck shoes

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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Rock The Week - The Busy Girls Guide to Cake Decorating

  • Florals. This week I took part in Katrina’s new Any Size feature, styling an outfit that features florals. Naturally I went for printed floral trousers, owing to the fact that I’ve built up quite a collection in recent years, and it was the first time I’ve ever really taken part in a post like that so it was fun to step out of my comfort zone and share my style on someone else’s blog.
  • Field fashion. Tuesday’s post was shot at a festival, but I wrote about what it’s like to photograph outfits in public, you know, in front of friends, family and members of the public. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so have a read and share your tips for getting over the fear of public photography.
  • Winning. I was chuffed to bits when I found out I won Sarah‘s competition to win a copy of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating by Ruth Clemens, above, and said book arrived yesterday. Needless to say I want to make ALL THE THINGS so I’ll clearly need to stock up on royal icing and food colouring the next time I go to the supermarket.
  • Selfridge. Yesterday I posted about the television programme that I finally got around to watching, six months after it first aired; Mr Selfridge. I recorded it yonks ago and have finally been able to watch the whole series over the course of a couple of weeks. I love the costumes and the way the women are all so immaculately put together, yet very modest with it. Expect outfit posts of me trying to emulate Valerie Maurel in the near future…

What’s been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below…

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Latest Obsession: Mr Selfridge

Mr Selfridge collage - Agnes Henry Valerie

God bless TiVo for keeping Mr Selfridge safe until I had the chance to sit down and watch it. The ITV period drama has been languishing in a folder, threatening to delete itself for weeks – perhaps fair when you consider that the show was first broadcast back in January.

I remember Twitter going nuts with excitement at the programme that explored the life of Harry Gordon Selfridge, the American who opened that little shop on Oxford Street called Selfridges, changing the face of retail at the time, and whose ideas and catchphrases are still used on the shop floor today. The series is an adaptation of Lindy Woodhead’s Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge – a book now firmly on my wishlist – and offers a look at a completely different period in time, not just in the way people dressed but in how they shopped.

Shopping for clothes today on the high street today is about desire and socialising as much as it is about the need to dress oneself. It baffles me to think that all clothes were handmade until this point – being about to buy ‘off the rack’ was simply unheard of – and make-up was deemed unsuitable to sell in full view on the shop floor.

Along with the social and historical aspects of the drama, I have of course fallen for the clothes the lead characters wear. My favourite has to be the Parisian, Valerie, for her daring look – a doctor’s bag, fedora-style hat, calf length skirt, cream blouses, blazers and loosely done up polka dot tie. It’s a very masculine look that ruffles a few feathers on the shop floor but I love the way her outfit challenges the way women were dressing in Britain at the time.

Towards the end of the series Rose and Rosalie Selfridge also wear some exquisite cream day dresses, and Agnes and her fellow shop assistants work their Edwardian hairstyles so that there isn’t a strand out of place.

The series is coming back for a second season next year, and is apparently set four years in the future, so the fashions and attitudes to what goes on sale on the shop floor could be very interesting indeed.

Have you seen Mr Selfridge? Did you love it or hate it? Share your favourite characters/outfits in the comments below.

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Photographing Outfit Posts in Public

Willfields festival outfit

Outfit posts are a funny thing, aren’t they? I think if you’re a fashion, style or any form of visual blogger you’re always aware of your surroundings, both present and future, and the possibilities that lie within. A quaint back street, a perfect sunset or a vibrant focal point such a red telephone box or wall of graffiti – every location becomes an opportunity to act as a backdrop to your outfit or subject matter.

Of course it’s all very well when you’re alone with a tripod and remote, or a trusty partner/parent/BFF, but what about when your preferred location is buzzing with people? That’s where I found myself when I went to Willfields this weekend – a picture-perfect field that was the setting for a mini festival put on and attended by lots of my friends. Friends who find the concept of documenting outfits hilarious. Friends who have cameras with a zoom setting to capture you as you pose by a tent, trying out your best nonchalant head tilt…

And so it was that Mr Ship-Shape photographed this festival outfit, made up of my cotton ‘Eve’ top from Toast and a few items from the recent Cabot Circus Festival Fashion Style Challenge, while a group of my friends could be heard playing at being paparazzi while giggling in the distance.

When I’ve worked out a format I might write a post on how to photograph outfits in public but for now, here are a few thoughts on the matter:

Even the non-posiest poses can look posed

Finding a quite spot will make you feel (a bit) more relaxed

Laughing through it is your only option

The quicker you shoot, the quicker you’ll stop being stared at

Pretending to flash (your friends, not random members of the public!) can work wonders to lighten the mood

Do you you shy away from having your photo taken in public or are you the first to enlist your non-blogger pals in snapping your style? Share your thoughts in the comments!

‘Eve’ top – c/o Toast / Stonewashed boyfriend shorts – New Look / Red and brown striped cardigan – Mango / Vintage Paisley scarf – Grandma Ship-Shape / Chelsea boots –Topshop / Sunglasses – Primark

New Look stonewashed boyfriend shortsTopshop tan Chelsea bootsVintage paisley scarf and Mango cardiganFestival dressing at WIllfieldsEve buttoned back top from Toast

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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Rock The Week 11/08/13

  • Willfields. I’ve just come back from a mini festival in Oxfordshire called Willfields, run by my friend Will (funnily enough) and it was so much fun. Ping pong, glowsticks, cider, hog roasts, beer pong, sunshine and music all made an appearance, I’m only sorry we had to come back so early to start painting our (almost repaired) kitchen ceiling.
  • Lomography. Yesterday I posted some more lomo shots taken with my Diana Dreamer. These photos are snapshots of recent summer weekends and are a blurry reminder of time spent at carnivals, on long walks and camping trips.
  • Wedding OOTDs. On the blog this week I posted a few outfit shots from a recent wedding I attended. I’ve got another wedding coming up next month (the last of the year) so I’m already wondering if I should wear this dress again or go back to a trusty favourite.
  • Finally, I’ve been doing a little blog maintenance – a frustrating experience without Photoshop, which is what I used to design my blog header. At the moment it’s just changes to my sidebar, but I’d love to give the whole site a revamp, once I have the time!

What’s been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below…


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Lomo Love: Living for the Weekend

Lomo double exposure Colour Neg film

I finally feel like I’m getting to grips with my Diana Dreamer and, to me at least, that’s nothing short of exciting! This roll is another batch of Colour Negative 100 film and it might just be that these shots were taken in sunnier weather, but they definitely feel warmer than the previous roll.

These double exposures were taken on some of my favourite weekends in recent memory. Some were shot at St Pauls Carnival (you can see some more traditional snaps of the event here), one our recent camping trip and several during the May Bank Holiday when Mr Ship-Shape and I took a day trip to Cheddar Gorge. It was there that we managed to set up the shot below – a double exposure taken from the same spot with me in one exposure and the Mr in the other.

Double exposure attempt at Cheddar GorgeSt Pauls double exposure photographsThe view from Cheddar GorgeWeekend camping Lomo style


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Wedding dresses at Kelmarsh Hall

Tesco F+F keyhole rose print dress

If you clicked on this post hoping to find moi in a wedding dress then I’m sorry to disappoint – the bride that features in this post is the the beautiful Ruth, who looked stunning in her floor length lace column gown.

As I mentioned on Sunday’s Rock The Week post, Mr Ship-Shape and I journeyed to Kelmarsh Hall in Leicestershire on Friday to help Ruth and Alex celebrate their big day. The venue was positively stunning and despite the rainy journey, the weather was perfect all afternoon, handy as it meant we could take advantage of the beautiful gardens, complete with lawn games and a lake.

I was too busy scoffing cake, dancing and playing croquet to take many outfit shots, but I chose to wear a yellow and black rose print dress with heart keyhole detail. I picked this dress up years ago in Tesco, of all places, and it’s been woefully neglected since my hen do, over two years ago! I paired it with an old thin cream belt with a galloping horse buckle, frilly ankle socks and a pair of Grandma Ship-Shape’s tan peep-toe heels.

I’d forgotten all about this dress and while I don’t mind recycling wedding outfits, it was nice to have the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs – not literally, I do keep my wardrobe vaguely tidy – and make the old new again. If having too much choice of what to wear each morning is a hindrance then rediscovering hidden gems in the far corners of a wardrobe is surely the reverse of that.

Do you have a fail-safe wedding outfit that you turn to, or do you enjoy shopping for new looks for each special occasion?

Rose print dress – Tesco / Cream belt with horse detail – Primark / Frill ankle socks – H&M / Peep toe tan heels – Grandma Ship-Shape

The happy couple outside Kelmarsh HallWedding outfit, Pimms and lawn gamesVintage and supermarket wedding outfit


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