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Clothes Swap treasures

Fashion Fair clothes swap dress

Apologies for the slacking that has occurred recently – a freelance project has been taking up a lot of my time and when I’m not working the weather has just been too damn lovely to stay inside and blog!

I thought it was about time that I showed off the treasures I found at last weekend’s Freakin’ Fashion Fair Yeah, using the gorgeous afternoon sunlight as a backdrop. First up is the fantastically kitsch print dress which I think, if the polyester count is anything to go by, is from the 70s. It has a couple of stains and a funky smell to it but is looking much better after a gentle wash.

At present the length is down to my calves, making me look like a midget so I’m planning on chopping off a few inches and using the cut-off as a headband.

Fashion Fair clothes swap vintage dress

Next up is this green woolen shrug from Topshop. This kind of shape isn’t normally my thing but I was drawn to the colour and the random lace patterns, which look rather similar to my own haphazard knitting samples from my time at university.

Fashion Fair green Topshop shrugfashion fair green shrug
The jury is still out on this grey wool round neck jumper from French Connection. There is beading around the neckline and seams which I don’t particularly like but it does fit well and is the perfect shade of grey.

I will take some more photos once I’ve styled each piece up and done a little tweaking…

French Connection grey jumperFrench Connection sequin detail


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All the fun of The Fair

Fashpack Fashion Bazaar

What a weekend – yesterday I not only scored some bargains at the Freakin’ Fashion Fair Yeah, but also found a wedding dress the same day (though not at the same event). More on the dress later but here are a few snaps taken from the fair.

Faspack fashion bazaar

Bunting makes everything better. Fact.

fashpack vintage bags

A beautiful selection of vintage beaded bags and a vanity set

Fashpack clothes swap

Raiding the rails - the clothes swap was a little slow to start with but picked up by the afternoon

Hamilton House

The sun was shining at Hamilton House, where the fashionable fair was held

My friend Amy B found a lovely cream dress, originally from Urban Outfitters, for £6 and an awesome vintage white bag for a fiver. A little rough a round the edges, the bag redeemed itself by having lots of little compartments and pockets, perfect for all the highly necessary items us girls carry around with us on a daily basis.

I found some fantastic pieces in the Clothes Swap upstairs, exchanging a vintage blouse, Primark dress and handkerchief skirt for a grey French Connection round neck jumper, a dusty green knit cardie from Topshop and a fantastic vintage polyester floral dress.

The floral pattern is a tiny cluster of purple and blue cornflowers repeated all over the dress. There are pleats running from an empire line. At present it is too long and in need of a wash but after I’ve taken some Persil and a pair of scissors to it I’ll post some pictures.

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Fix Up Look Sharp: The Freakin’ Fashion Fair is in town

fashion fair yeah
These graphics kind of say everything that needs to be said but let me just add that The Freakin’ Fashion Fair Yeah is going to be a fantastic event for a fantastic cause. The Malawi Education Project has already benefited from a previous Fash Pack event back in December and although the event is free, all donations will go towards this charity.

Independent fashion gets a well deserved shout out and if whether you’re interested in supporting local designers, charity projects or just fancy buying a new outfit – head down to Hamilton House this Saturday.

Doors are open from 11am till 6pm so get down there with old clothes you want to swap or breathe new life into, chill out with a cuppa and get your freak on. For more information from the Facebook page click here.

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A little bit of charity…

Tribal print tunic from St Peters Hospice

I love, love, love the charity shops of Bristol but of course there are always hits and misses wherever you look. I’ve often overlooked the small St Peters Hospice on Gloucester Road, as it is only a few doors down from the huge Marie Curie store, which is always full of treasures for the home.

But on Friday I wandered past and thought I’d just have a peek. Straight away I clapped eyes on this gorgeous creamy white blazer, below. Nautical double pockets with a navy trim, perfect gold buttons and a decent fit, for the price of £6 I couldn’t resist! Nautical is what i consider a ‘safe’ trend in that most people can pull it off, and I always look forward to spring when I can dust off the navy jacket and striped Breton tees. This blazer will complement the look perfectly and has quelled my desire for yet another boyfriend blazer.

Nautical charity shop jacket

So, that was the hit, but what about the miss? Well that would be this African print tunic, below. I can’t even tell you why I like it as it is not normally my thing at all, but I was drawn like a moth to the flame when i saw it. The shop assistant looked slightly concerned when I said I wanted to try on both items, so i quickly pointed out that it would not be in one go!

Charity shop print tunic

The tunic is extra large so the plan is to team it with a thin platted brown belt and some slouchy brown boots for a perfect festival cover-up. These two items couldn’t be more different but that is just the way my wardrobe is – full of contradictions.

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The Fash Pack presents… The Freakin’ Fashion Fair Yeah

On Saturday 15th May Bristol’s fashionable forces will once again be joining together for another Fash Pack event.

The last time these ladies put on an event I was out of the country so I’m looking forward to The Freakin’ Fashion Fair Yeah, their second shindig which once again is all in the name of charity. Hamilton House is their venue of choice and activities include *large inhale of breath* badge making, book swapping, face painting, charity shopping, tea drinking, cake eating and a one-stop customisation spot – all for free!

Once again the Fash Pack are looking for volunteers to help out on the day, as well as anyone who can spare their old clothes or pitch a stall. For more information check out their Facebook page for the event here. More info from Ship-Shape as and when it arrives…

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Links a la Mode

links a la mode

When Fashion Gets Ethical

Edited by Retrochick

The ethics of Fashion can be a blurry area. With so much to think about when we buy, from construction to provenance, how can we pick our way through such a minefield of issues and emerge with our ethics intact?

We all have a duty as consumers to be as informed as possible about the purchases we make, and this weeks Links à la Mode can help. Amongst this weeks picks Fashion in My Eyes talks about locally made fashion, Style Eyes discusses Organic Cotton, Hello Beauty buys some recycled sneakers, Oranges and Apples sorts the wheat from the chaff in second hand clothing and Shrimp Salad Circus brings you natural make up.

Once your done being educated we also have a good smattering of fashion frivolity to be getting on with too, and there’s even more on the original forum thread!

Links à la Mode : April 29


  • Avant Garb – Dedicated Follower Fashion grills Sandra Mendoza-Daly of Debutante Clothing
  • Betsey J – Why do we feel it’s necessary to financially compete with our fellow bloggers? Is it really worth it?
  • Dramatis Personae – Interview with Indie Designer Ureshii– fabulous made-to-fit clothes for the modern gal!
  • fashion in my eyes – Made in… Buying for the label
  • Glossary – Fashion 101: Back to Basics
  • hello beauty! – my new eco-sneakers, which are basically a jumble of hemp, recycled plastic bottles and car tires…
  • House in Tillford – Fur isn’t fashion! My rantings about fur
  • Idiosyncratic Style – Swoon-worthy Spring runway trends
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – How to Contribute Articles to a Blog or Magazine
  • La Moda Dubai – Photoshop isn’t the only to manipulate a photo
  • Le Quaintrelle – Outfits inspired by Michael Kors Resort 2010 collection with pieces out of my own closet.
  • Mystery Creature – Look great for a sleek and sophisticated summer wedding with these 1930’s inspired wedding dresses
  • Oranges and Apples – Taste and secondhand clothing: sorting the wheat from the chaff
  • Out Of Order – Interview with Marisa of New Dress a Day
  • Retro Chick – The Lost Art of Dressing Up
  • Return to Sender – Little black dresses for the FATshionista.
  • Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion – These days knock-off trends are common place but is cheap fashion still a taboo?
  • Shoe A Day – How does fashion fit into Earth Day?
  • Shrimp Salad Circus – Get high-fashion makeup looks for less with all-natural, afforadable handmade mineral versions!
  • Style Eyes Fashion Blog – Organic clothing – should I bother?
  • Style Symmetry – 5 Days of Symmetry Challenge ~ Wear a 100% Vintage Outfit
  • The Coveted – Why Say Never? Chambray Jumpsuit & Clogs

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