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Vintage Blues at St Werburghs Farm

Blue vintage dress | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Despite living in Bristol for eight years, St Werburghs City Farm is somewhere I’ve only ever jogged past when running through the neighbourhood  That’s a massive error on my part as there are so many adorable animals there, which I found out when Mr Ship-Shape and I went for a wander with our cameras on Saturday.

The farm backs on to a set of allotments and is a really relaxing space to visit, except for when you see a duck being sexually harassed by three other ducks, which I did. Then it can become quite stressful, as you shout at the male duck to stop standing on a very disgruntled looking female duck, “that is not the way to get her to like you!” I digress…

Ducks aside, the farm is charming addition to the already laidback St Werburghs, and I thought it would be a great place to road-test the new lomography film I bought a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, as it was still rather cold, most of the animals were tucked up in their pens so I’ll have to wait until the roll is developed to see if I managed to capture any pigs or rabbits on film.

The blue dress is a vintage number I found at a market near Brick Lane on my recent trip to London, and was a bargain at £5! The bird necklace is from The Cutworks, a new Bristol-based brand that have a soft spot for, as it’s run by the lovely S from Beautiful Plumage. The necklace reminds me of the plump little birds in Snow White and I love wearing it against the busy backdrop of the royal blue dress. It also comes in white and black, too, so take a look at the Facebook page to see the whole collection.

Dress – Vintage market, London / Necklace – c/o The Cutworks / Belt – vintage / Cable knit cardigan – Tesco / Ankle boots – Primark

St Weburghs City Farm graffiti | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionThe Cutworks bird necklace | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionSt Werburghs | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionVintage blue dress and Diana F+ | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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Nars Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose review

Nars Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

The combination of a Space.NK. voucher and the need for a payday pick-me-up (hasn’t January been the longest month!?) led to me purchasing my first ever Nars product this weekend.

As make-up goes, I tend to experiment more with lip colour than anything else, but lipstick can be a little drying, and every gloss I’ve tried has the irritating ability to stick every hair to my lips within seconds of leaving the house.

Lip pens and sticks like Revlon’s Just Bitten and Clinique Chubby Sticks have been on my wishlist to try for a while. The’re something about them and their plump, oversized nature, that reminds me of the crayons and felt tips that I used to play with as a child. While my hand-eye coordination has improved a tad since I was seven, I still feel disproportionally pleased with myself when I manage to keep within the lines when applying lip colour or eye liner.

The Nars lip pencils come in two different finishes; Velvet Matte or Velvet Gloss. After chatting to the sales assistant and trying on a couple of shades in store (the Clifton Triangle branch), I decided to opt for the gloss finish, as the matte texture can be quite drying, apparently, and therefore not so great for long-wearing daytime looks. I was immediately drawn to Mexican Rose, a deep raspberry shade.

The swatch on my arm is quite sheer, but I found the colour quite intense (by my standards, at least) and more so when applied on top of my Mac lip liner (‘In Anticipation’). The photo at the bottom is sans lip liner, and approximately two coats, which lasted around six hours without the need for reapplication.

Have you tried lip pencils or pens? Let me know if you can recommend any, or any more Nars products  : )

Nars Lip Pencil swatch in Mexican Rose | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionNars lip colour Mexican Rose | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion


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Rock The Week

Rock The Week | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Rock The Week is one year old! When I added RTW to Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion last year, the aim was to have a weekly post that collated all the best bits from the last seven days, from posts I’d published to personal anecdotes and new blogs or magazines I’d started reading.

Aside from having a two week break over summer, I’ve stuck to my word and published a Rock The Week post every Sunday afternoon for a year. It’s one of my favourite posts to write becuase, as I mentioned in my very first RTW post, it can be all too easy to dwell on the negative, so it’s nice to sit down, usually on a Sunday morning, and look back on all the exciting things that have happened, from the simple pleasures of buying fresh flowers and watching a film to more significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

To celebrate I’ve made a little page which groups together all the Rock The Week posts in one place, which you can see just under the banner. It’s weird to see the posts visually all in one place – almost like there aren’t enough to document a whole year, but I look forward to continuing to document 2013 through RTW.

What’s been rocking your world this week? Do you have a similar feature on your blog? Let me know by commenting below…


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Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House

Mechanical dolls by Tim Walker and Rhea Thierstein | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionPhotography by Tim Walker. Image courtesy of Rhea Thierstein

‘I don’t want to sound mystical but sometimes when you take a picture something takes over and leads you’ – Tim Walker

One of the highlights of my trip to London on Saturday, and the main reason for going, was to see the Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House.

For anyone unfamiliar with his work, Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer who creates and shoots scenes worthy of fairytales, truly putting the story into ‘fashion story’ – typically used to define various fashion editorials in magazines. After graduating with a degree in Photography from Exeter University in 1994, Walker assisted the American fashion photographer Richard Avedon before moving up the ranks to become a legendary fashion photographer in his own right. His work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, British Vogue and W Magazine.

The first time I remember seeing a photograph by Walker was in a 2008 copy of Vogue. It was a Tim Burton-inspired shoot (which features in the exhibition) set in the corn fields of Kings Seeds, Colchester. I was blown away by the models (which included Burton and his muse, Helena Bonham Carter), the make-up, the clothes, the sets and the poses.

After that moment I began searching out Walker’s work, oggling manor houses filled with multicoloured balloons and shots of models in gowns with 12 foot long trains, draped off regal-looking stairwells and ladders.

Tim Walker and Rhea Thierstein for Vanity Fair | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionPhotography by Tim Walker. Image courtesy of Rhea Thierstein

Story Teller pulls together some of Walker’s most exquisite fashion stories, along with portraits of British icons such as Vivienne Westwood, the cast of Monty Python and the late Italian fashion writer, Anna Piaggi.

Larger photos have been displayed on the walls of the East Wing gallery, while smaller ones have been purposefully propped up in white-washed creates, as if they had travelled from far and wide (on cargo ships and steam trains) to reach the venue. As well as the stunning photographs, all in simple white frames, there were also props from each shoot on display.

These props, ranging from an insect orchestra to a giant doll complete with gingham dress and curls, were of particular interest as some were made by a friend and former colleague of mine, the insanly talented Rhea Thierstein. Rhea has designed props, sets and costumes for Mulberry, LOVE magazine and Cath Kidston, and it’s props like hers that are intrinsic in bringing Walker’s photographs to life, making his shoots so imaginative and inviting to look at, and adding to the fantasy world that each frame creates.

This exhibition is on until Sunday and is an absolute must-see for photography and fashion fans alike. If you’re based in London then you may already have seen it but if not then what are you waiting for!? Walker’s images are incredible and the exhibition offers the brieft opportunity to step inside those pages of Vogue and see the dream-maker behind the lens.

Have you been to see Story Teller yet?

Tim Walker: Story Teller is free and running until 27th January at Somerset House. For more details on the exhibition, visit the Somerset House website. Thanks to Rhea for letting me use these images.


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Winter Warehouse wonderland

Warehouse pleather pleat skirt | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Two weeks ago I hit a mini shopping milestone – I bought my first piece of clothing online. Aside from groceries, I don’t really shop online. As far as clothes, shoes and accessories go, I prefer to see them, try them on, prance around the changing room in them and feel them against my skin before parting with my cash.

However, after seeing Amy’s take on this Warehouse skirt, and finding out it was in the sale after spotting it in her original post, I knew I had to bite the bullet and buy it. I’ve been looking for a leather skirt for ages and while this one is a little more plastic, than leather, it’s proved a satisfying way to dip in to the trend and shop online, too.

I wore it yesterday when Mr Ship-Shape and I ventured out of the house to go for a roast dinner at The White Bear on St Michael’s Hill (yum!), despite the snow. Yes, the snow – there, I mentioned it.

I’m fully aware there are probably a million posts of bloggers looking cute as a button frolicking with their friends/dogs/babies in the snow floating around on the web right now, but this weather is my nemesis.  I have the balance and coordination of a newborn deer on a good day, which means snow, ice and I are not good friends. At least Bambi makes skidding around all day look cute…

I paired the skirt with a jumper I found at Kendal Calling festival this summer, some chunky pearls I found at Amy’s clothes swap and some earmuffs that my sister-in-law bought for me this Christmas – perfect for keeping off the chill without ruining my fringe!

Jumper – festival charity shop / Skirt – Warehouse / Leggings – Sweaty Betty / / Leg warmers – H&M / Egale boots – The Boot Room / Pearls – clothes swap / Earmuffs – Christmas present

Warehouse pleather skirt and boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionWarehouse skirt and charity shop jumper | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionCharity shop jumper and pearls | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion


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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Dr Hauschka | SHip-Shape and Bristol Fashion

  • Les Misérables. I saw Les Mis on Wednesday and it rocked my week so much that I continued to listen to (or sing) songs from the sountrack for the rest of the week! Having not seen the theatre version I have nothing to compare it to, but I was blown away by the story, costumes and make-up, not to mention the performances, particularly that of Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne as Marius.
  • Lomo love. On Tuesday I posted the results of my second roll of Diana F+ film – a collection of double or multiple exposures – which came out really well. My new Dr Martens also featured on Ship-Shape this week and I loved dressing them up with my new sale purchases from Zara and Topshop, not to mention my new satchel…
  • Dr. Hauschka. On Thursday I met The international make-up artist for Dr. Hauschka, Karim Sattar, at Harvey Nichols. As well as being Anita Roddick’s former personal make-up artist for 15 years, Karim was utterly charming, and in Bristol to demonstrate the brand’s new S/S13 make-up range, Dear Eyes. There’s nothing like some champagne and pampering to end the week and I learnt a fair few make-up tips, too : )
  • London. Yesterday S, of Beautiful Plumage, and I went on an adventure to London, braving icy temperatures and the odd snowflake to visit the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House. We also met up with our friend Polly and had a wander around Brick Lane and Spitlefields market.

What’s been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below…


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Dr Martens x Zara + Topshop

Dr Martens satchel | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

*Warning* You will see yet more photos of floral print trousers (taken pre-snow) if you keep reading…

When Dr Martens opened their flagship store in Bristol’s Broadmead last November I decided to snap up a pair of boots. Boots, may I remind you, that I was never allowed to have growing up.

Anywho, it’s taken me this long to post about these bad boys, the Pascal in ‘Dress Blues’, because it’s taken that long to wear them in. Perhaps the reason my parents wouldn’t allow me to own a pair wasn’t due to DMs ‘not being very ladylike’ but actually because they knew how much I would moan about wearing them in. But real leather comes at a cost, and look how pretty they are…

Pascal DM boots in Dress Blues | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Over Christmas I wore them around the house with three pairs of socks, and as we near the middle of January I’m down to two pairs. I have wimpy feet that reject almost any shoes that comes near them, but I knew these boots would be worth the wait and I wasn’t wrong. So far they have been paired with floral skirts, denim shirts, bodycon and tunic dresses, but for their debut on the blog I though I’d have a stab at the modern grunge look, in the loosest fashion.

The trousers are a Topshop sale find, and the chunky knit bottle green jumper was a steal at £16 from Zara. It is so slouchy and comfortable, and coming in handy given how cold Bristol has been lately.

The satchel is also from Dr Martens, and has fulfilled my dream to find a replacement for the thread-bare school satchel I dug out of my parents attic a couple of years ago. The necklace was a Christmas present from Mr Ship-Shape, and the slightly sleepy expression is the model’s own…

I hope you’re all keeping warm and safe if it’s snowing where you are!

Zara jumper and Dr Martens | SHip-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Jumper – Zara / Trousers – Topshop / Boots – Dr Martens / Necklace – Christmas prezzie / Satchel – c/o Dr Martens

Dr Martens satchel | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionZara jumper and Topshop trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop skinny fit floral trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionDr Martens satchel in cherry red | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionCamera necklace | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion


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Lomo Love

Lomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

I’ve loved taking photos for as long as I can remember, and milestones have often been marked with new cameras. For my 18th birthday my parents bought be a manual Pentax K1000, I treated myself to a Polaroid 600 when I went traveling after university, and for my 25th I was lucky enough to be given a Canon DSLR.

For my last birthday Mr Ship-Shape bought me a Diana F+ Dreamer – a lomography camera! Lomography is a medium that I love becuase of the utterly unpredictable nature of the results. When shooting with film you have to give a lot more thought to your subject and composition and with the lo-fi quality of lomo cameras, anything can happen inside that plastic casing.

I was given three rolls of redscale XR film with my Diana Dreamer and was really disappointed when the first roll came back with only half the normal number of prints, that all looked as if I’d held a pair of inferred binoculars in front of the lens. For my next roll I decided to focus on shooting multiple exposures and these are some of the results!

I’m elated with this roll and can’t believe the range of colours that have appeared – from warm oranges to the bleeding neon pink of an almost finished roll. All the images except that of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, below, are double or tripple exposures, and the lovely Photographique, of Clare Street, developed these prints.

This film has restored my faith in redscale and I can’t wait to get out at the weekends and experiment more.

Do you own a Holga, Diana or Fish Eye camera? I’d love to hear what results you’ve had and what different Lomo films you’ve tried.

Lomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion


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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Rock The Week | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

  • #Batmanathon. For Christmas my brother gave Mr Ship-Shape and I the boxset of Christoper Nolan’s Batman trilogy. We’d been saving it to watch all three films in one day with a few of our friends (which subsequently became known as ‘Batmanathon’) and that took place on Saturday. We bunkered down in the living room with pizza, popcorn and Krispie Kremes and powered through! While Heath Ledger’s Joker is the best character/performance bar none, The Dark Knight Rises is definitely my favourite of the three films.
  • Run, rabbit, run. I finally got back into an exercise routine this week by going for a run – twice! I have a way to go before I get back to half marathon fitness but it felt good to get back out there and start shaking off some of those extra (but totally worth it) Christmas inches.
  • This week I was on something of a floral high after hitting the sales. This pair of Topshop floral trousers had me debating if they looked like curtains or a renaissance painting, and I waffled on about printed florals here a bit, too. I also finally got around to taking some snaps of my Doc Martens which I’ll write about in a bit more detail soon.
  • Other epic events include getting my roll of film back from Photographique, eating copious amounts of cheese at a house warming party, and reading Caitlin Moran’s Moranthology, particularly the part where she compares David Cameron to a C3PO made of ham…

What’s been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below…


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Floral Fancies from Topshop and H&M

Printed floral trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Florals, florals, florals! In the sales a couple of weeks ago I went on a bit of a floral frenzy, clearing Topshop and H&M out of their printed trousers.

In S/S collections florals, as much as I love them, can often look a little ‘safe’ or predictable. Autumnal florals, on the other hand, tend to be more exciting, perhaps becuase very few natural flowers are in bloom at this time of year. I particularly like wearing floral trousers as I feel flower prints and patterns are traditionally associated with dainty tea dresses, delicate jewellery and feminine circle skirts, but with printed trousers one can be more dynamic with what they pair them with.

These photos are some I took last weekend which I hope go some way to showcasing the gorgeous patterns of neon hydrangeas, red wine daisies (which featured in this outfit post) and graphic, ink blot lilies that Topshop and H&M’s print designers created, along with my current love of tulips.

Have a lovely weekend!

Printed trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop neon floral print trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionPurple tulips | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionH&M printed trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop floral print trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion


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