Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil

Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil

My skin is not feeling particularly happy right now. If anything I’d say it’s distinctly sad, a tad maudlin and, like everyone’s favourite depressed donkey, Eeyore, a bit down in the dumps. I’m the owner of perpetually dry skin. As a teenager this translated to crystal-clear skin without a spot in sight, but as I get older my skin will wrinkle and line quicker than someone with oilier skin, boo!

Since January my face has been even drier than normal so over the last few months I’ve built up an arsenal of different skincare products in a bid to help it, one of which is Origins Clean Energy, above.

After having sampled this cleansing oil during a couple of Origins mini facials at Bristol’s House of Fraser, I decided to invest in a bottle of my own a few weeks ago. Unlike the cleansers I tried in my teens, when I knew little about skin types and thought a St Ives apricot facial scrub was the hight of sophistication, this cleansing oil is a lot gentler and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry.

The mix of sesame, sunflower and safflower oils is surprisingly light and not at all like cooking oil, which is the consistency I’d expected before I first tried it and pleasingly, doesn’t really smell. Personally I think there’s nothing worse than skincare products that have a synthetic or overpowering smell to them.

Clean Energy costs £19 plus £1 for a pump, which I’d recommend buying as it’s much easier to use than pouring straight from the bottle. I use a small pump of oil once a day and massage it into my face and neck before rinsing it off in the shower. If I wore make-up more often I’d probably use it in the evenings as well as it’s supposed to double up as make-up remover, though I’ve yet to put this to the test. I follow this with Neal’s Yard facial oil (I wasn’t joking when I said my skin is seriously dry) and E45 moisturiser and while my skin hasn’t snapped back to the way it used to be, it’s certainly calmed down.

Have you tried a cleansing oil or oil-based products before? And are there any other skin saviours you’d recommend for dry skin? Let me know in the comments!



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8 responses to “Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil

  1. Have you tried or heard of Korres? For dry skin, the have yogurt line of skincare products for dry skin types. I would recommend their Yogurt Sleeping Facial, and a little goes a long way to it will last you. I have combo skin but once the seasons changed, I had a moment of what seemed like irreparable dehydration. I used it for a few days and my skin was back to normal. I recently received Josie Maran’s cleansing oil as a gift and am eager to try it. Hope this helps! Great post xx – Sam

  2. I’ve heard about this! I will check it out!

  3. I get really dry skin too and Eucerin always seems to work for me!

    Maria xxx

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  5. I’ve never tried this before which is surprising because I love Origins, I may have to sample it when I’m next near a counter, especially if it’s lightweight as I find a lot end up making my face greasy! I love Caudalie’s Divine Oil, it smells delicious 🙂 xx

    Almost Delightful

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