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BFW S/S12 part two…

Scene six - Evans and BHS

Fashion (and exceptional eye contact) from Evans and BHS

As promised, following on from my first post, here are a few more snaps from this year’s Bristol Fashion Week at Cribbs Causeway, including tropical prints, kimonos, beachwear and aquamarine influences. I think I’m definatly going to have to explore the S/S12 collections from Oasis and Jigsaw, which, according to Mr Mark Heyes himself, is ‘one of the best Chanel rip-offs I’ve ever seen’. I look forward to how other high street stores will approach the season’s key trends, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on Zara and New Look.

Did you attend BFW? What was your favourite outfit, or moment from the show? Let me know by commenting below…

Scene seven - Oasis

Tropical prints from Oasis

Mid-century chic from Jigsaw

Mid-century chic from Jigsaw

BFW beach backdrop - one of the many awesome graphics from the show

BFW beach backdrop - one of the many awesome graphics from the show

Scene five - Animal

Beachwear and casualwear from Animal

John Lewis scene eleven

Aquamarine influences at John Lewis

Scene nine Jigsaw and River Island

Prim and proper looks from Jigsaw and River Island

BFW Miss Selfridge

Nudes from Miss Selfridge at BFW

Oasis kimono

Caught in motion - a kimono top from Oasis



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BFW S/S 12: part one

BFW closing scene

Last Friday, along with 200 of Bristol’s best dressed fashion fanatics, I took my seat at Bristol Fashion Week’s first ever Live Blogging Event. Cribbs Causeway’s biannual event presents each fashion season from a high street point of view, through catwalk shows, pampering treats and discounts and competitions for all the brands that take part – hurrah!

I love going to BFW every season and I was interested to see how the Mall team would approach their first blogger dominated show. I didn’t see many laptops inside the tent but there was plenty of tweeting going on – particularly whenever a male model came on stage. M&S provided the pink fizz and fondant fancies, both of which hit the spot after a loooong week at work!

I took my seat with the lovely Amy from Annie by Amy and Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web and it wasn’t long before the lights went down and hosts Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton appeared on stage. This duo have been presenting BFW for yonks and I love the way Mark’s perkiness is tempered with Andrew’s bitting comments and the general banter between them.

Each scene of the show covered a key S/S12 trend, including pastels, sports lux and tribal prints, with the more predictable high street summer staples – wedding-friendly prom dresses, suits and beachwear. The difference this year is that with a blogger-friendly audience, most of us knew what to expect – those that went to LFW last September saw first-hand what trends designers were loving, and we’ve seen enough articles, trend reports and outfit posts to know that pastels are So Hot Right Now.

BFW opening scene John Lewis

BFW's opening scene, courtesy of John Lewis

It made sense then, that BFW chose to open with a candy cane scene from John Lewis, complete with bubblegum blue lips and giant cellophane collars. Half a dozen models striking robotic poses in pretty pastel dresses was the perfect way to open the show and I felt there was a heavy influence of Katy Perry, Meadham Kirchhoff, Lady Gaga and Louis Vuitton in there.

While I’m not sure I could pull off pastels, I did fall in love with the tribal print scene, mid-century Mad Men-esque outfits from Jigsaw, and gorgeous tropical prints by Oasis. I also loved the production values (is that even the correct term, or does that sound like the most pompous thing you’ve ever heard?) Basically, I loved the music, the graphic backdrops and the tightness of each scene – this season the added dance numbers and acting didn’t overpower the show, or the clothes. What did you think of the show?

I’ve got lots more photos to come, so there will be another post shortly, but for now here are some of my best bits of BFW S/S12…

BFW hosts Andrew Barton and Mark Heyes

BFW hosts Andrew Barton and Mark Heyes

John Lewis candy colours

Candy colours from John Lewis

Scene two- Next

The UK's biggest event this year, tackled by Next and some semi-naked male models

Scene four - tribal from M&S

BFW scene four - tribal prints from M&S


Ignore the model and look at what she's carrying! I'm a little bit in love with this Radley bag...

Radley Happy Camper Leather Grab Handbag

... the Happy Camper Leather Grab Handbag from Radley. It's not my usual cup of tea, but there is something about this bag that I just love : )

Scene nine - mid century Jigsaw

Mid-century chic from Jigsaw, with a wicked 50s kitchenette backdrop

Scene eight - nudes from Miss Sefridge

Nudes and blush tones from Miss Selfridge

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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

BFW opening scene

  • British Summer Time. I couldn’t resist beginning this RTW post with a weather/seasonal point. The clocks have changed, the sun is still shining, and the weather this weekend has sparked a flurry of bare legs, sunglasses and picnics in all available green spaces. I love it!
  • #BFW. On Friday I went to Cribbs Causeway on a biannual pilgrimage to see the Bristol Fashion Week show. This year this was a special blogger event, and the runway was dominated with candy colours, tribal prints and wicked production values. Once I’ve finished editing the 150 odd photos I took, I’ll put up a few posts. In the meantime, check out coverage from Annie by Amy and Stephanie Dreams.
  • A weekend of good company. One of my very dear friends came up to see me yesterday for a weekend of girly catching up, cake eating and all that jazz. She lives in Bournemouth with her hubby and two young boys, so although we text all the time, we don’t often get to see each other. It was lovely to sit in Queen Square and dine on a picnic of crisps and sandwiches, eat cake at Boston Tea Party and do a spot of shopping in between.

M Shed Vintage Weekend

  • M Shed’s Vintage Weekend. En route to Temple Meads to pick up said friend, I did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to the vintage fair at M Shed yesterday. I found some gorgeous frocks but decided to restrain myself. I had my eye on a stunning rose print 50s prom dress, but at nearly £200 it was a little out of my price range. Did you go? Did you buy anything fabulous?
  • Reading in the park. We should have been doing more DIY today, and I should have been writing about BFW, but instead we decided to go to St Werburghs, eat ice cream and sit in the park with our books. Weekend bliss.

What has been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below….


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Something for The Weekend… Bristol Fashion Week, M Shed Vintage Weekend and Alternative Miss Bristol

There are literally so many fantastic fashiony things happening this weekend, I defy you not to find an event you want to go to.

Bristol Fashion Week A/W11

Let us start with Bristol Fashion Week at Cribbs. I’m off to the BFW blogging event tomorrow afternoon, but there are also plenty of chances to attend catwalk shows over the weekend. Expect banter from Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton, pampering, high street heros and a healthy dollop of M&S. That would be a dollop of clothes, not of their scrumptious desserts, though you could always pop over to their food hall while you’re there… For more information and to book tickets, click here.

M Shed Vintage Weekend

Next up, you all know how I’ve been banging on about Norman Parkinson’s An Eye For Fashion exhibition at M Shed, yes? Well this weekend marks the jewel in the exhibition’s crown, as M Shed hosts their first Vintage Weekend. On Saturday (and Sunday) Blind Lemon Vintage will be hosting a 50s and 60s themed vintage fashion market, with portrait photography by the talented Matilda Temperley and a vintage salon where you can match your hair do to your outfit. Dress in vintage and you’ll also knock £1 off the £5 entry fee to An Eye For Fashion. For more info and to view the full programme of events, click here.

Alternative Miss Bristol

Finally, how would you like to be crowned Alternative Miss Bristol? This tounge in cheek night is taking place at the The Cube, as part of their Fabulous Fortnight. Borrowing from Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World ‘anything goes’ concept, contestants are invited to bedeck themselves in outfits that best represent the area of Bristol they connect with. Tickets are £4 in advance and £5 on the door and I’m assured that the night promises ‘glitter, glamour and general bloody brilliant party fun’. For more info or to find out about taking part, email or click here.

Is there anything I’ve missed? What are you up to this weekend? Let me know by commenting below…


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Company High Street Edit

Company HSE

I mentioned in last week’s Rock The Week post that I’d started devouring the S/S12 edition of Company High Street Edit, and now I’ve pretty much finished reading it, I thought I’d share its awesomeness with you. Almost every page has a carefully folded top corner, pointing to a piece of clothing I now covet, or a page layout that I love. This happens with none of the other magazine I read regularly.

That’s because Company’s biannual fashion offering is a delight to read and a feast for the eyes. I find that every page has something to offer me, and even if I don’t like a particular trend (I’m looking at you, peplums) I find a caption, a hairstyle, or illustration to enjoy. This collage/scrapbook style design has now been adopted by Company for it’s flagship monthly title – since the redesign three issues ago, the magazine has shifted to a more fashion-heavy publication, with gorgeous matt paper and a new compact size.

I don’t want to give too much away if you’re planning on buying a copy yourself, but this issue features some beautiful clashing florals, street style, a hilarious article on customer service by Katie Mulloy and a rye look at some surprising FROW figures.

My memory card reader is playing up and I can’t find my camera lead (because we STILL haven’t finished unpacking yet) so you’ll have to make do with a few photos taken on my mobile phone, and suped up with my Poladroid app. The fact that I’m using a computer programme and smart phone to give my photos a vintage feel has not been lost on me!

Company HSE-pola

HSE flip flops-pola


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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Company High Street Edit S/S12

  • Company High Street Edit S/S12. I’ve geeked out before  about how much I love this biannual magazine, and this season is no exception. I’m only half way through it and I already have a shopping list as long as my arm, plus an ongoing admiration for the amount of awesome prints there are on the high street this season.
  • A random Thursday on North Street. I don’t venture down to Bedminster/Southville that much these days, but after a long day at work, S and I decided to spend the evening drinking and ranting about life in The Spotted Cow, and eating lots of divine tapas in the Tobacco Factory. I had a wicked and unexpected evening and I look forward to more of the same once summer arrives – The Spotted Cow has a fantastic beer garden!
  • DIY. It’s been a bit of a dividing acronym in our new house, particularly when I had a spirit level dropped on head, and when Mr Ship-Shape trapped his finger while trying to open a canister of poly-filler stuff, but the house is starting to look good and a few more boxes have been unpacked – hurrah!

Page One

  • Page One. On Friday night I went to see Page One: A Year Inside The New York Times, at the Arnolfini. This was followed by The Benn Debate 2012, a debate on how the recent phone hacking scandal has affected the public’s confidence in journalists and the newspaper industry, featuring a panel that included Christopher Jeffries and Mike Norton, Editor of the Bristol Evening Post. Both were utterly fascinating, particularly the film, which I would recommend to media types and anyone with a vague interest in the decline of traditional print media and daily newspapers.
  • Bristol Fashion Week. It’s only days away and I can’t wait to see the show on Friday. I mentioned in my Something For The Weekend post that the link to buy tickets was broken, but fortunately it’s fixed now, so if you want to come along, click here for more info.

What has been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below….


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Something for The Weekend… TK Maxx opens at Cribbs and BFW returns

TK Maxx Cribbs Causeway

It’s been a while since a SFTW post but there is so much happening over the next few weeks, I thought it was about time I bought it back. First, up TK Maxx is coming to Cribbs Causeway.

TK Maxx is a haven for bargain hunters like me – if you have the time and patience you’ll be rewarded with anything from a pair of Converse hi-tops to a Calvin Klein evening dress for cheap-as-chips prices. Bristol already has a TK Maxx in The Galleries, Broadmead, but with an additional spot in Cribbs, there are double the amount of bargains to be found. To celebrate their new location, TK Maxx are giving away £10 gift cards to the first 200 shoppers through the doors when they open this Saturday, 17th March at 10am. See you there?

BFW tent at Cribbs Causeway

Another exciting event that’s just around the corner is Bristol Fashion Week. The infamous BFW tent at Cribbs Causeway sets the scene for what Bristol shoppers will be wearing each season, and this spring the fun takes place next week, from 21st-25th March.

Stylist Mark Heyes and hairdresser Andrew Barton will be back to host the event, which is made up of 18 catwalk shows, the BFW Pamper Zone and plenty of competitions and discounts at participating stores. I’ll be attending their live blogging event on Friday 23rd March – the first of it’s kind for BFW – and I look forward to seeing how high street brands such as M&S, River Island and French Connection take on S/S12 trends such as sports luxe, tribal and the whole silk pyjama thing that seems to be in fashion right now.

The BFW ticket page seems to be having a few niggles at the moment, or at least it is when viewed in Google Chrome, but you should be able to buy your ticket online or from the Information points within the Mall. For more information and show listings, click here.

Norman Parkinson Life magazine 1963Finally, if you’re planning to visit Norman Parkinson’s An Eye For Fashion exhibition at M Shed this weekend, make it Saturday afternoon as there will be a guided tour with former assistant Angela Williams (who helped curate the exhibition) and Jill Kennington – one of Parkinson’s favourite fashion models. The talk starts at 2pm is free with your exhibition ticket, and promises some fascinating insights into this legendary fashion photographer.


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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Bath Half marathon 2012

  • The Bath Half. I ran my first half marathon today. My body aches, I have blisters that could rival Simon Pegg’s in Run Fatboy Run and I didn’t quite make the time I wanted, but I did it! It was an amazing event to take part in, a gloriously sunny day and the people of Bath who lined the streets to cheer us on were fantastic. What blows my mind is that today was just another training session for those taking part in the London Marathon this April! I know there was also a 10k event in Bristol today, so congrats to anyone and everyone who took part in these events.
  • Bristol Blogger Meet. ‘Blogging events shouldn’t just be about goodie bags and outfits – what about networking and just having a pint?!’ This pretty much sums up Hayles of Ceriselle’s reason for holding a blogger meet for local folks, which I went along to on Friday evening.  Kicking back in Start The Bus to chat about life, blogging and everything in between was great, plus I got to meet Hi Street and Martina too. Hopefully the next time will be at Bristol Fashion Week – exciting stuff!
  • Moving house. I mentioned in my last RTW post that Mr Ship-Shape and I had decided to buy a house (eek!) and we moved in this week. It’s been a hard slog, especially as we’ve had to juggle it with work, a broken boiler and the half marathon, but we’re in now and I can’t wait to start decorating.
  • Outfit post tutorials. When Mr Ship-Shape isn’t around, I take my own outfit shots using the self timer on my camera. It’s hard work, but Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky makes it look easy! Fortunately she’s been kind enough to share her tips, which I spotted on Harriet’s Lazy Sunday Links this afternoon.

That’s my (mostly non) fashion ramblings for the week. Normal blogging service to resume shortly : ) What has been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below….


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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Norman Parkinson for Queen magazine

  • An Eye For Fashion. M Shed’s exhibition of Norman Parkinson photography is sublime, offers an insight into Bristol’s high street of yesteryear, and is dominated by 50s and 60s fashion – bang on trend for this season – what’s not to love? I went to the exhibition this week, and I thoroughly recommend it.
  • New blogs! Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to freshen up my Bloglovin’ feed with some new blogs, and revisiting a few old favourites. Florence Finds has got some fab recipes and photography, plus plenty of pretty dresses, the Oxfam Fashion Blog provides an insight into how the charity is constantly evolving its fashion sector, and this week Niki of Hip Shapes and Bristol Fashion inspired me with her outfit post on printed jackets.
  • Motel vintage. Last week I found two gorgeous vintage dresses from Motel and I decided to face my outfit-posting fears and take a few photos in our garden. It made me fall in love with Motel again and I can’t wait for more warm weather so I can wear these dresses again!

Ship-Shape is moving...

  • And finally, some exciting news! I’ve been waiting for ages to share this but Mr Ship-Shape and I have bought a house! We’ll be moving in very soon so I may go AWOL for a bit, but I’m very excited, if a tad nervous that we are now on the property ladder. Also worried that cheeky shopping trips to Cabot Circus will be replaced with Saturdays spent wandering the aisles of B&Q and incessant tweets about DIY, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…

That’s it from me for this week – I’ve got to finish packing. What has been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below….


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An Eye For Fashion: Norman Parkinson exhibition @ M Shed

Norman Parkinson Life magazine 1963

Norman Parkinson, Life magazine, 1963

I must confess that I haven’t actually explored M Shed further than its bloomin’ tasty cafe – raspberry and white chocolate muffins, need I say more? – and 2nd floor gallery space, for a Martin Parr retrospective. I went to the later again this week, to see Mshed’s latest exhibition, An Eye For Fashion, featuring original vintage prints by the late, great Norman Parkinson.

Parkinson was a British fashion and portrait photographer who shot for Vogue, Queen and Life (among others) over a career spanning almost 60 years. He was truly a revolutionary in his field and is cited as an inspiration by many photographers, fashion editors and designers today, so it is wonderful to see his work, on loan from the Angela Williams Archive, here in Bristol. The exhibition features rare prints of Parkinson’s fashion stories, notably from the 1950s and 1960s, that feature the likes of Jean Shrimpton, Vicky Stevens and Enid Boulting.

To bring relevance to its local surroundings, An Eye For Fashion aslo features high street clothes from the 50s and 60s, as well as photos and descriptions of how Bristol’s shopping hub, Broadmead, was evolving during this period. It provides a stark contrast to the Broadmead that exists today, overshadowed by Cabot Circus and slowly wilting, drowning in shop closures and unsavory characters.

I was surprised to find the waist-cinching elasticated belts I wore in my late teens were actually copied from mid-century ‘waspie’ belts, and I found myself comparing more candid snaps, like the one above, an unused shot for Life magazine, to the kind of poses that crop up on my Facebook news feed. There were of course many glamourous photos, such the Vogue image of a model in an elegant evening gown from 1960, at the back of the exhibition. It was here that I overheard to older ladies recounting their own experiences of a ripped dress at a fashion function around the same time – it sounded like quite the scandal!

Norman Parkinson for Queen magazine

Norman Parkinson for Queen magazine, 1960

As well as the exhibition, which would delight photographers and fasionistas alike, I also took the time to wander around the harbourside and soak up the sunshine – a rare treat for Bristol at this time of year!

The harbourside comes alive in summer, and there was a hint of this on Wednesday, with an ice cream van parked outside M Shed, two school girls bunking off under the Balmoral to eat their lunch, and an accordionist playing by the bridge. It may only be March, but with the lighter evenings and (slightly) warmer weather, I feel like spring is just around the corner. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos on my phone, the results of which are below.

M Shed An Eye For FashionM Shed museum Bristoledit Mshed1Bristol harboursideBristol Harbourside

An Eye For Fashion runs at M Shed until 15th April, entry costs £5/4 bit is free on the last Wednesday of each month. For more info about visiting the exhibition click here. There is also the M Shed Vintage Weekend coming up, which looks awesome, and is happening 24th-25th March. 

Norman Parkinson images sourced here.


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