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Firmoo geek chic glasses outfit | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Hello all, how are you surviving January so far? Has anyone joined me in suffering a bout of the post-Christmas blues? One thing that did perk me up yesterday, as it sunk in that I would have to go back to work today and could not, as first thought, survive on Christmas cheer and Qaulity Street alone, was the arrival of my Firmoo glasses.

Last month Ron ran a competition to win a Firmoo voucher and a week later I checked my inbox to find that I’d won, which is the first time I’ve ever won anything online, woop!

Now, the slight flaw with this is that I don’t actually need glasses but had just commented saying how pretty Ron’s were. So, in lieu of finding a willing family member, I panicked and ended up opting for a pair of ‘geek chic’ glasses with non-prescription lenses.

Firmoo geek chic glasses | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

I know, I know, it’s all very hipsterish isn’t it, but what can I say? Curiosity got the better of me. With the excitement of Christmas, I completely forgot about them until they landed on my doorstep yesterday. I decided it was only fitting to wear an appropriately hipster outfit to match said glasses, which, it turns out, was the most comfortable outfit for a lazy New Year’s Day.

The denim shirt is from Next, the cream jumper is from Topshop and I found the cable knit leggings at a clothes swap. The legwarmers were a cheeky sale purchase from H&M last week, and the boots are a pair of old Primark ones that are in desperate need of re-heeling.

I’ve since developed a strong urge to style myself up as a librarian, but if all else fails at least I have the perfect accessory for an Austin Powers costume party…

So, what do you reckon? Can I pull off the bespectacled look?

Firmoo glasses Topshop jumper and Next shirt | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop jumper and Next denim shirt | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionFirmoo glasses | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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13 responses to “Geek Chic Glasses from

  1. They are really cool! Well done!

  2. The glasses look gorgeous on you! I love how you’ve styled them with denim too! And of course – big congratulations on winning them. So exciting!

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  3. Maria

    I think your glasses look great ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Those glasses look amazing on you! I lovvvee your outfit too x

  5. wow! glasses totally suit you! prescription or not you wear them so well! firmoo are great arent they? i had a pair a few months back and theyre still great on.xx

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  7. Ron

    Yay! I’m glad you got a chance to use the voucher, the glasses look great on you. I love the denim shirt/white jumper combination, I love wearing my chambray shirt with white and navy jumpers too.

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