Fashion Friday at The Station pt.2

The Station, Bristol

As promised, here are more snaps from Fashion Friday at The Station. If you missed the first post, which explains a little more about The Station’s mission and the highlights of the night, you can read it here.

This batch of photographs features Clic Sargent’s Fix Up Look Sharp design duo, Shop Dutty, Sew That Jazz and Puckoo Couture, as well as designs and customised pieces from the teens that took part in the show. I loved the shimmering catsuits and clubwear from Puckoo Couture! Not to mention the vintage blue playsuit fromm Shop Dutty.

Shows like this prove how exciting and diverse Bristol’s creatives are, and if the outfits from the young designers are anything to go by, Bristol’s fashions scene will continue to flourish. Thanks again to Andree for inviting me and putting on such a great show.

Shop Dutty at Fashion FridayVintage playsuit from Shop DuttyThe Kitchen at The Station, BristolClic Sargent's Fix Up Look Sharp at Fashion FridayFashion Friday at The StationThe Station, BristolPuckoo Couture at Fashion FridayPuckoo Couture at The Station, Bristol


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