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Fitness + Fashion: What to Wear When You Don’t Want to Exercise

New Balance trainers from Sportshoes.com

I’m a big believer in the ‘be pretty on rest days’ mantra sported by Bangs, but while I wouldn’t advocate wearing make-up to work out – a full face of make-up plus sweat is a breakout waiting to happen – I do believe that what you wear can have an impact on your exercise routine.

In the same way that dressing in a suit can make people feel more confident, business-like and in control, so too can the right outfit make you want to step outside on a cold, rainy day to go for a run, or go to the gym after work when you really want to go home to a bottle of wine and a Great British Bake Off omnibus.

I’m not suggesting that being dressed head to toe in Stella McCartney for adidas will shave seconds off your personal best, but wearing something you look good and feel comfortable in really can make a difference to your mindset. Last year’s London Olympics demonstrated the power of appearance with many female athletes showing their personality, and patriotism, through nail art and hairstyles – my personal favourite was Team GB’s Joanna Roswell, who routinely sports brightly painted nails on and off the cycling track.

Brands like Sweaty Betty, Nike and the aforementioned McCartney/adidas collaboration are focussed on using performance fabrics (sweat-wicking, breathable and temperature regulating) to make garments that look good but are also technically brilliant, too. When I go running I wear a mix of brands but if I’m struggling with motivation, I put on the technical t-shirt I gained after completing the Bristol Half Marathon last year – because even though I might not feel like it some days, it reminds me that I can do this, because I already have.

A recent addition to my kit are these New Balance running shoes, courtesy of sportshoes.com. I’ve never purchased running shoes online before but my current pair of Asics are on their way out and I wanted a colourful pair to inspire me throughout winter. These do the trick and unlike my Asics, they’re light as a feather!

I have rubbish feet and anyone who followed me on Twitter through my half marathon training will know how I’m prone to blisters and the like, but sportshoes.com have a guide to picking the right running shoes which narrows down trainers based on the level of support they provide – handy for an over-pronator like me.

So an admission from me – what I wear does alter the way I feel about exercise. What about you? Do you think there is a place for fashion within fitness?



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Rock The Week

It’s a day later than usual as I spent a looong day in Birmingham for work yesterday, but here are a few fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Burberry-Prorsum A/W12

Burberry-Prorsum A/W12 - want, want, want!

  • LFW coverage. I couldn’t make it to London and although I’m gutted I missed out on the buzz of shows, style-spotting and Somerset House, I’ve had countless sources of info to ensure I haven’t missed out. Namely The LFW Daily, jewellery designer Fred Butler’s blog and the fab Disneyrollergirl.
  • Stickified Goo Goo. I’ve mentioned this Rice Krispies delight on the blog before, and I made some again as an alternative birthday cake for a friend. Making it was a bit of a disaster but my friend was chuffed to bits, hurrah!
Stickified Goo Goo

Stickified Goo Goo

  • Latin American delights. Going out to Las Iguanas for a friend’s birthday meal was awesome, and not just because we took full advantage of the 2-4-1 offer on cocktails! I got to see friends from uni that I haven’t seen in yonks, plus I discovered the best venue in Bristol for sweet potato fries*, which beats my pathetic attempts in the kitchen, hands down.
  • Longest ever run. On Tuesday I took part in Sweaty Betty’s Get Fit For Free event up on the Downs and ran just under eight miles – my longest run so far. The Bath Half is only a few weeks away now, so every mile (or almost mile) counts!

*but if you know a better venue then fess up!

What has been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below….


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