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Rock The Week #94

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Populaire polaroid

Festive feasts

It’s no secret that I love my food, in particular large helpings of cheese and crackers. Add wine and all our Bristol friends to the mix and you have last Sunday afternoon. Ten of us crammed into our small living room to chat, drink and eat A LOT of cheese, enjoying a proper catch-up before we all go our separate ways for Christmas. It was such a fun evening, I’m only sorry that there wasn’t any cheese left the next day.


This french film set in the 1950s has been on my radar since it was released in the UK earlier this year. From the quirky CMYK opening credits to the uh-mazing costumes, not to mention the colour coordinated nail varnish, I fell in love with this film. I wish I could dress like the lead character every day, and even attempted a beehive and feline flick eyeliner this morning!

This week I’ve been…

Blogging about: Hamilton House’s Coexist fashion show made an appearance on the blog this week, as did a cheeky Christmas wishlist. For the record, if you feel like buying me any of these gifts, I’d be perfectly ok with that.

Listening to: Christmas songs –yep, I’ve caved. Festive songs (albeit in small measure) have started to appear in my playlists and I’m not even sorry!

Watching: I finally caught up on Channel 4’s Liberty of London this week. It’s fascinating watching the all the different departments prepare for Christmas and the Managing Director try to squeeze every drop of selling space out of the iconic building.

Reading: At this time of year it’s easy to get carried away with shopping, and this article from George Monbiot about materialism is a sobering read. Another article from the Guardian caught my eye this week, all about Dawn O’Porter’s new vintage book. While I don’t agree that vintage ‘is about to have a big moment’ – I think it has been enjoying one for several years – the book and accompanying TV show definitely sound like my cup of tea.


What’s been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below…

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