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>Blog of The Week: Show Me Your Wardrobe

A healthy dose of voyeurism is essential to the human condition, whether this is when you’re sat outside a cafe people watching, or peeking into someone else’s home on Location, Location, Location. In fashion terms this comes from backstage videos from fashion shows, personal style blogs and a sprinkling of celebrity front row gossip.

A sense of curiosity (and finally finishing my copy of The ST Style’s Big Fashion Issue) lead me to the fantastic fashion photography blog, Show Me Your Wardrobe, by the photographer and stylist Jackie Dixon, that comes with the tag-line ‘a sneaky peek into the wardrobes of today’s creative talent’. Dixon worked on the shoots involving Style’s Natalie Hartley in The Big Fashion Issue, see below.

Started in 2008, SMYW quickly rose in popularity within the fashion industry, leading to regular features in British Elle and The Sunday Times Style magazine. Dixon has photographed numerous fashion insiders, writers, actors and musicians including Skin (of Skunk Anansie fame), model Georgia Frost and fashion journalist Angela Buttolph.

Regardless of where the images are taken (in front of a brick wall, inside an office cubicle or fashion closet), the result is fun, playful look at what the movers and shakers of the industry are wearing and seeing who will crop up on Dixon’s blog next is equally exciting.

The BoW accolade is perfect for this blog so unleash your inner snoop and go take a butchers…


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>Style Spotting in Sunday Times

>If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Not to mention taking time over, which sums up how I feel about Sunday papers. I love settling down on the sofa with all the supplements but the average weekend paper weighs more than a small dog and has so many sections I can no longer count them all on two hands. Hence I like to take my time over these printed behemoths, often taking a few days (OK fine, sometimes a whole week) to get through the sections I’m interested in.

It is understandable then that when salivating over the pages of the Sunday Times Style magazine, The Big Fashion Issue, I have only just spotted the double page Chloe advert a few pages in, below.

Notice anything about the footwear on the left outfit? The sandal is more of a boot, a trend which I’m loving at the moment, but I couldn’t help thinking how similar it is to the photo I featured a couple of weeks ago regarding wearing legwarmers and sandals, see below.

Who would have thought designer fashion could trickle down to what a backpacker is wearing half way around the world, or perhaps Hannah MacGibbon was channeling Northern Thailand this season?!

Needles to say, Style was packed with far more than just designer adverts; Colin McDowell wrote of the legacy of Alexander McQueen, Brit darling Alexa Chung did her best to charm in an interview with Claudia Croft and there was a cracking shoot of supermodel-in-the-making Abbey Lee. If you missed out on your copy then head to the Times website for all the articles.

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