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All that glitters…

New Look boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Mmm… glitter. I’m pretty sure that’s what Homer Simpson would say if these New Look ankle boots were edible. After spying a very similar pair of Tamaris ankle boots on Lucy’s blog, I was hooked by the tarnished appearance and glittery heels.

All very well and good, but up until my recent dalliance with these Zara boots, I’d never considered buying heels before. However, swayed by the price tag (£10 in the sale) and my success with the Zara boots – which have a similar size and shape heel – I decided to take a punt on this New Look pair.

Right now they look very new, so I’ll need to scuff them up a bit, but they are so comfortable, and yet again the heel doesn’t bother me that much. I even wore them to the Valentine’s Day wedding last week, once I could no longer take the pain of my dainty vintage shoes.

Glitter ankle boots, £10 – New Look

New Look glitter boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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Cowboy boots and Western shoots

Zara studded cowboy boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

You know when you really want to like something but it just doesn’t happen? I feel that way about heels – not just high heels, all heels. I can’t walk in anything over an inch and even then I have an 80% chance of stacking it once I leave the house.

My ineptitude for heels knows no bounds, and I thought even cowboy boots were out of my reach until I spotted these beauts in Zara a couple of weeks ago. I’m a big fan of Zara, even more so when there is a sale on, and after initially lusting after a pair of red ankle boots covered in studs (£40 down from £130!) I came across these worn tan leather demi-cowboy boots. The smattering of worn metal studs removes them far enough away from country singer but not so close to S&M that they look like props from a Lady Gaga show.

They were the last pair, in my size (I love it when that happens) and half the price of the flat red boots, so I decided to take them home. Two weeks later and not a blister or aching foot in sight! I’ve never bought shoes from Zara before so I don’t know if it’s the brand or just this pair that works for me, but I’m loving my extra two inches of hight.

When I went out for drinks at the weekend I styled them with my sparkly black skirt (the one I like to think Mila Kunis would wear in Black Swan), also from Zara, and my black lace yolk Primark blouse, which also has a touch of cowgirl about it. The belt is vintage and the cotton/leather-look leggings are from Primark.

Have you ever bought shoes from Zara, and is there anyone else out there that looks like a less graceful Bambi on ice when they wear heels?

Zara boots and glitter skirt | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionPrimark lace blouse | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionZara skirt and boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionZara Primark outfit | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion


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>Granny Chic: A Vintage Goldmine (continued)

>I’m aware that my last post didn’t go into too much detail about the sheer volume of accessories that can be acquired from granny so a bit more on that now…

As with any trend you might be a little unsure of, accessories provide the perfect fashion pool to dip your toe in, without getting soaking wet. If you’re unsure of how vintage/granny chic will look (or how to convince granny to give up the goods) then a pair of shoes or printed scarf are a great place to start.

Chances are that your old lady friend will have accumulated a fair few scarves, bags and pairs of shoes in her time, whether she has an interest in fashion or not. Once again it is a likely bet that the accessories in question will have been kept neatly in their original boxes/packaging, keeping them in good condition.

Shoes – can be a great find if you and granny are a similar size though be warned: shoe that are more than 30 years old are likely to be slimmer across the ball/toe than what you might be used to. If you have wide feet or ankles then this might be an accessory you have to miss out on. This tan leather shoes, far left, are a key example and require Party Feet and a large quantity of alcohol to wear comfortably!

Scarves – printed, woven, wool or silk; a decent square scarf is the multi-tasker of the accessory world. Tie it round your neck for a 50’s air hostess look or tie through the handle of a tired looking bag for instant fashion refreshment. You could of course always drape one around your neck and shoulders when cold! My personal favourites are brightly coloured paisley prints on silk, above.

Jewellery – Depending on her taste, your gran may have anything from pearls to pewter in her collection. If you like decorative, costume jewellery then you may be in luck. An example of what my elderly fashionista has given to me can be seen above, right, and includes some plastic fuchsia beads (great for daytime), a beautiful stone brooch inset into tarnished gold (perfect for smartening up hats and lapels) and some trashy gold bracelets (great for adding a bit of bling on a night out).

– leather clutches and small, evening bags are all the rage right now and granny may well have a couple she wants to get rid of. Be sure to look out for detailed clasps and a decent lining. Be sure to give back anything your granny may have left inside her bag as although you admire her style, you probably don’t have much need for lace handkerchiefs and plastic combs!

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