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New shoes, new ‘do…

Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Going to the hairdressers is a little treat that comes twice a year for me. While getting a new do at my salon is relatively cheap compared to some venues, it’s still an expense that I can’t afford very often, and whenever I go, I always have that moment, sat in the chair, when I think my hair looks perfect just the way it is (it doesn’t) – does anyone else ever think that?

As a result, I always feel like I chicken out when it comes to changing my hair, but last Friday I took the plunge and went red. What do you reckon? I’m really happy with the colour and the ends of my hair have been left alone, to give a slight ombre effect.

The shoes are also new, bought when Office in Broadmead closed down a couple of months ago, for a ridiculously cheap £7. Fortunately Office has found a new home in Cabot Circus (opening this Thursday) and I hope they’re keeping the staff that they had in the Broadmead store, as they remained friendly and helpful dispute having to shut up shop and deal with panicked bargain hunters.

The trousers are from Topshop, as is the jumper, which I found at a clothes swap. The hat is from H&M – I was looking for a classic black bowler hat but I actually prefer this bottle green number. The socks are from H&M as well, and the belt is by Christopher Kane, which I picked up for £5 at a sample sale in London earlier this year.

It feels very festive to have red hair, though I don’t need much help in that department – tonight I’m going to start making our stockings and might even play some Christmas songs if I have the house to myself : )

New hair | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop outfit and H&M hat | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionChristopher Kane belt | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOffice silver brogues | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOffice silver brogues and Topshop trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOffice silver brogues and Topshop trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionNew hair | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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High street haul: H&M slouchy tee + Primark maroon maxi skirt

Maroon Primark maxi skirt, grey H&M t-shirt and vintage scarf

Autumn has a lot to answer. I’ve found myself taking comfort from the high street in the last couple of weeks, more than I have in the last could of months, and this outfit is an example of that. The grey t-shirt is from my recent trip to H&M and last week I also paid a visit to Primark.

All but two pairs of my shoes need to be reheeled or resoled (shoes with holes + rain do not mix), but I havn’t had a chance to go to the cobblers in St Nicks Market yet (incidentally, if anyone can recommend any other decent cobblers in the Bristol area then let me know!) These victorian tan lace up boots were an ideal interim replacement, but the skirt was something of an impulse purchase.

Me and maxi skirts don’t really get on. I’m too short and never wear heels, so maxi-anything just swamps me and poses nothing but a health risk, but this sheer maroon design caught my eye and I knew I had to try it on. I think it works due to the sheer overlay over the opaque mini skirt, and at £15 I figured it was worth a shot.

And I’m happy to report that, apart from nearly tripping up the steps on the bus (I forgot to pretend I was a medival princess and hold the skirt daintily above my ankles) the skirt is almost hazard-free! I’ve teamed it with a turquoise necklace I bought in Thailand, a scarf from Grandma Ship-Shape and the Holly Fulton tote I picked up at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Fashion Month back in September.

PS. Did anyone wake up early to catch up on the US election? Very excited to see Obama back in the White House : )

Grey H&M t-shirt and Holly Fulton Designer Fashion Outlet MonthGrey H&M t-shirt, maroon Primark maxi skirt and Holly Fulton Designer Outlet Fashion Month bagGrey H&M t-shirt and maroon Primark maxi skirtPrimark maroon maxi skirt and Holly Fulton Designer Outlet Fashion Month bagGrey H&M t-shirt


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Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

H&M goodies

  • Punk rock beers. On Monday I was invited to the press launch of Bristol’s latest bar, Brew Dog. Situated on the corner of Baldwin Street by Bristol Bridge, the Scottish brewery with an American twist is an interesting new edition to Bristol’s bar scene. Despite not being a huge fan of beer I had a great evening and won some serious brownie points by taking Mr Ship-Shape along to a tasting session.
  • Dinner and gossip. This week I went to Beautiful Plumage‘s house for dinner and a long-overdue girly gossip. She made us a delicious canaloni dish with spinach salad and we set about putting the world to rights and having a good catch-up, not to mention having a good rant about the weather…
  • Hibernating in H&M. I’ve let the blogging side of things slip recently, which I blame on the cold weather and dark miserable evenings. This week I did manage to get around to posting about my latest haul from H&M – including a gorgeous new jumper to stave off this anti-autumn funk.

What’s been rocking your world this week? Let me know by commenting below…

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An Anti-Autumn H&M Shopping Spree

H&M A/W detailed shot

I don’t know about you, but I’m not adjusting well to to autumn. Since the clocks have changed and the weather has turned, I’ve been constantly telling anyone who would listen that it should be a legal requirement to hibernate from now until 24th December.

Sadly that idea hasn’t quite got off the ground yet, so I’ve had to ease my winter woes with a heady mix of vegetable crisps ( nowhere near as good for you as the name implies), giant bowls of pasta, snuggling under a blanket on the sofa and complaining, a lot. I’ve also taken the edge of this anti-autumn feeling with a spot of retail therapy…

Last weekend some of friends came to visit and on our way to see Skyfall at the Cinema de Lux in Cabot Circus, we fell in to H&M. Ok, we didn’t fall, she wanted to look for a new jumper, but somehow, 20 minutes later, I found myself clutching a mishmash of t-shirts, summer dresses and jumpers. Fortunately I managed to compose myself and put half of it back, but this eclectic bunch slipped through the net.

The grey t-shirt is a practical purchase as I never seem to have enough basic tees, but the striped dress, as much as I love it, isn’t exactly the most sensible purchase given we probably won’t see any sun for another six months. The bright green jumper does leave me feeling paranoid that I look like a pea pod on legs, but I really love the colour and the dense moss stitch.

Another downside of the dark days is that I’ve struggled to find the time (or light) to take outfit shots outside – hence the old school method of photography, that I haven’t practiced in ages. I’m thinking a way to remedy this might be using sparklers, floodlights, or something in between…

What A/W impulse purchases have you made recently? And do you love autumn, or are you with me on the hibernation idea?

H&M stripe dressGrey H&M t-shirtH&M A/W12 goodies


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Arrivederci Italy

Monsoon top and denim shorts

This is the last outfit post from Italy, which saddens me as with it comes the return of hit and miss British weather! How lucky we’ve been over the past couple of weeks to see out the summer without any rain (or at least that’s been the case in the South West).

We were lucky enough to stay at our friend’s family house, which you can see below. It’s just a simple Italian home on the outskirts of a small town, but it is slowly being restored, rendered and tiled to bring it back to life. Further down this post you can see the incredible view from the back of the house, which looks over vineyards and lush green fields – surprising for such a hot, dry climate.

The outfit I’m wearing includes denim shorts from Primark, paired with a thick brown belt from H&M, and a beautiful embroidered blouse from Monsoon. I spotted it in the sale last year and I loved the scalloped edges and tiny string of bells at the end of each tie. Although I wore it to Italy, it makes me feel like I should be exploring a souk in Marrakech, thanks to it’s intricate details and 70s feel.

The sunglasses have actually been pinched from Mr Ship-Shape, and I picked the turquoise necklace up in Thailand a couple of years ago. This kind of outfit was ideal for the hot weather, which seems like a distant memory when I look out of my window now!

Our Italian homeMonsoon top detail and turquoise necklaceMonsoon top H&M beltMonsoon top Monsoon top and Primark denim shortsStunning view


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Subtle Summer Florals

H and M dress Next hat and Primark sunglasses

I’m excited to see florals featuring in A/W trends this season – though looking at said trends does make me mourn for summer a little – because floral prints are so versatile.

I took a mix of floral prints with me on my recent holiday to Italy, and this dress by H&M is one of them.

I found it in the sale last year for a mere fiver, and I love the fact that it not only has pockets but also boning, which helps give the top half of the dress a bit of well-needed structure – not bad for £5. I teamed it with this straw trilby hat from Next, and the tan woven sandals and sunglasses are from Primark.

I’ll be adding a pair of leggings and some ankle boots to this dress to see me through the season. What summer trends will you be wearing through till winter?

H and M dressH and M dress and clothes swap beltH and M dress and Next hat H and M floral dress


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The Designer/High Street Collaboration

High street vs designer collaborations

Earlier this month I wrote all about high street/designer collaborations for Running In Heels. You can read the article in full here, but in a nutshell I have a ramble about how bored I am by these seemingly brilliant collections.

One factor that I didn’t mention in the article was that none of these limited edition collections find their way to Bristol, which is another irritation (but one that probably saves me a lot of money). I get it though, brands need to think carefully about where to distribute stock, and the whole point is that these collections have an exclusive feel. However, even if Anna Dello Russo for H&M did find it’s way to the Broadmead branch of H&M, you still wouldn’t find me queuing outside at 6am!

Having said this, I feel like eating my words as it was announced last week that Martin Margiela is teaming up with H&M for their next designer collaboration (the collection with go on sale on 15th November) and I’m seriously excited about this as I was inspired by Margaiela collections while at university.

Take a look at the article and let me know what you think. Do you regularly queue up to get your hands on these high street/designer collaborations? Is there a brand or designer that you’d love to see paired up with a high street retailer?

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Motel: Vintage dresses and sunshine

Motel vintage floral dress

Motel vintage floral dress

Last week I was walking down Park Street when I spotted Motel’s sale window, and I couldn’t resist popping in for a quick look. I’m pleased I did, because I found their £5 vintage sale rail and fell for this dress, above. As it was ‘£5 each or 2 for £7’ I thought it would be rude not to try on a few more vintage pieces, and didn’t find it hard to find another dress to take home.

I’ve been a huge Motel fan since I moved to Bristol for university seven years ago. Back then Motel’s shop on Park Street was called DNA and was the same brand, just a different name. At the start of every term, when my student loan got a top-up, I’d treat myself to a haircut from Toni & Guy and a dress or top from Motel. I loved the printed, loose tops and wore them until they were literally falling to pieces. Now Motel’s body-con prints are stocked in Topshops up and down the country, and the Park Street shop has shifted its focus to vintage and upcycled garments.

After I found these dresses I took them home to photograph, but my usual way of shooting in front of my huge windows just didn’t do them justice. And, since the weather was so glorious at the weekend, I thought it would be rude not to photograph them in the sunshine!

So, here are a few snaps of me in the garden, kindly taken by Mr Ship-Shape, who, despite a few initial protests, quite fancies him self as a bit of a David Bailey. I’m still quite new to being in front of the camera, so you’ll have to ignore my head tilts and hair covering my face, and instead focus on how gorgeous these dresses are! I love the floral print and cut of the first dress, and although the peach and white stripped dress (an old M&S number) is a bit large, it should be easy enough to take in at the sides for a better fit.

Motel vintage floral dress

Vintage floral dress, Motel / suede belt, vintage / grey knee high socks, H&M / tan cowboy boots, Primark

Peach and white M&S dress from Motel

Peach and white striped dress (originally M&S), Motel / black and gold belt, vintage / white canvas wedges, New Look

Peach and white striped Motel dress

Check out the blue sky - no Photoshoping required!


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Alright, our kid?

Outside Affleck's Palace, Manchester

Me with my Topshop coat, outside Affleck's Palace, Manchester. Scarf, vintage, yellow dress, Primark, grey cable knit leggings, clothes swap, blue over the knee socks, Topshop, gery legwarmers, H&M, boots, The Boot Room.

So, you can probably tell from this snap, above, that I decided to keep the Topshop coat from my recent shopping spree – and what a wise decision – this cold snap we’re experiencing doesn’t show any sign of leaving soon! It was even colder in Manchester, my destination of choice last weekend.

I’ve only ever been to Manchester once before, years ago, and I was struck by how different everyone dressed, compared to Bristol. Not bad-different, just different. There seemed to be more heels, more make-up but equally more ironic hipster, grungy looks too. This time Mr Ship-Shape and I had to contend with snow and ice (apparently not so much of a problem in Bristol), but on Saturday night there were seasoned locals walking down icey pavements in peep toe heels! I struggled in my biker boots, squealing at the slightest wobble, so I have to respect any woman how can walk through snow in six inch heels and make it look like her own personal catwalk.

The snow did put a slight dampener, literally, on exploring the city, but I did make it to the Northern Quarter, which was recommended by a friend, and was not disappointed. There were independent shops abound, including a Manchester version of Magma, and my favourite shop – Lomography. I waffled on about the delights of this shop a bit here, but suffice to say it had me dreaming about cameras for the rest of the weekend.

I paid a visit to Affleck’s Palace, a multistory marketplace that reminded me a bit of Camden market – the only place to by your clothes when you’re a teen looking for ways to stand out and blend in at the same time. I was drawn to perspex necklaces and retro rotary-dial phones and while I’m probably a littler older than their average customer, I was excited to be in a building that felt like a destination, rather than a soulless shopping centre.

We had a wicked weekend and I hope I can go back soon, preferably when it isn’t covered in snow. Have you been to Manchester? What do you love about it and where are the best shops/cafes/restaurants? Let me know by commenting below…

Oxford Road station graffiti

Oxford Road station graffiti

Snow! The view from our hotel room

Snow! The view from our hotel room

The Whiskycats performing at Sound Control

The Whiskycats, the gig we came to Manchester for, performing at Sound Control

La Sardina cameras at Lomography

La Sardina cameras at Lomography

More graffiti under the Oxford Road railway line

More graffiti under the Oxford Road railway line


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A Roman Holiday

Colour clashing at the Colosseum

Colour clashing at the Colosseum

As promised earlier this week, here are a few outfit snaps from my holiday to Rome last week. Due to flying with EasyJet, case space was limited to I took a mix of separates and dresses, with my trusty pair of tweed and faux leather boots from Primark. Walking is one of my favourite ways to explore a new city and these boots did me proud, allowing me to explore the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and more without a hint of ‘my feet huuurt’ whining.

I was also happened to be in Rome at the same time as the Versace for H&M launch. While the label isn’t really my cup of tea I did enjoy people watching, gelato in hand, as local fashionistas paraded around Via del Corso with their gorgeous carrier bags in classic Versace prints.

One thing I didn’t get about my time in Rome was the sheer number of otherwise very chic Romans walking around in sleeping bag jackets or as I once knew them, puffer jackets. If you were a teen in the late 90s you may well have had one of these coats. At the time I begged my mum for a lime green number but these days, or at least in Rome, the colour palette is a lot more somber. Of all the hundreds of men, women and children I saw wearing these coats, maybe a three pulled the look off. The rest looked like they’d taken a tumble in Millets. Is this a legitimate trend in the UK? Answers on a postcard please…

Versace for H&M window

Versace for H&M window on Via del Corso

Versace for H&M bag

Versace for H&M carrier bag with trademark print

'Sleeping bag' coats at the Pantheon


Wrapping up for cold Roman nights: Scarf, vintage / Leather jacket, Macy's / Rose print dress, Tesco / Black leggings, Sweaty Betty / Grey knee high socks (rolled down), H&M / Boots, Primark

Colour clashing at the Colosseum: Mustard vest and fuchsia tights, Primark / Red skater skirt, Zara / Tan woven belt, swishing session / Scarf as before

H&M dress at Villa Borghese

Exploring the grounds of Villa Borghese: Floral print dress, H&M / Preppy blazer, Peacocks / 'Love' necklace, Accessorize / Scarf, belt, socks and boots as before


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