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>Blog of The Week: Mademoiselle Robot

This week’s Blog of The Week has been pressing my fashionable buttons since I discovered it a couple of days ago. The name Mademoiselle Robot has been rattling around in my subconscious for some time now, which is no surprise since the blog and its creator, Laetitia Wajnapel, have featured in The Telegraph, Company, Drapers and Asos to name but a few since the blog’s inception.

But I finally got round to checking it out on Monday afternoon (when I should have been working, tsk!) and I think it has struck the perfect balance between blog and website, with different categories for everything from outfit posts, beauty tutorials, interviews and interiors.

Not content with just a fashion blog, Laetitia also runs a styling consultancy and runs a blog dedicated to cute animals, specifically puppies, kittens and bunnies (seriously). Hailing from Paris but now living and working in London, Laetitia writes witty, friendly prose that makes me think she would make not only an excellent shopping partner in crime but also a great laugh over a bottle of wine (an essential quality in my book).

Not only are there the usual outfit post but also ‘Innerspace’ where Laetitia has snooped round some super stylised homes, which goes to show that fashion is not only about the clothes you wear on your back. There are also interesting posts about her daily routine and the loves and likes of the blogsphere, entitled Secret Diary of a Blog Girl which you can read here. Video tutorials can show you how to trim your fringe (something I’m crap at) and master the art of classic French make-up and Laetitia’s honesty and self depreciating nature only make her more appealing! If you’ve ever fantasised about Parisian chic then this should be your go-to blog for all things cliche and girly with a quirky edge.



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>Blog of The Week: Show Me Your Wardrobe

A healthy dose of voyeurism is essential to the human condition, whether this is when you’re sat outside a cafe people watching, or peeking into someone else’s home on Location, Location, Location. In fashion terms this comes from backstage videos from fashion shows, personal style blogs and a sprinkling of celebrity front row gossip.

A sense of curiosity (and finally finishing my copy of The ST Style’s Big Fashion Issue) lead me to the fantastic fashion photography blog, Show Me Your Wardrobe, by the photographer and stylist Jackie Dixon, that comes with the tag-line ‘a sneaky peek into the wardrobes of today’s creative talent’. Dixon worked on the shoots involving Style’s Natalie Hartley in The Big Fashion Issue, see below.

Started in 2008, SMYW quickly rose in popularity within the fashion industry, leading to regular features in British Elle and The Sunday Times Style magazine. Dixon has photographed numerous fashion insiders, writers, actors and musicians including Skin (of Skunk Anansie fame), model Georgia Frost and fashion journalist Angela Buttolph.

Regardless of where the images are taken (in front of a brick wall, inside an office cubicle or fashion closet), the result is fun, playful look at what the movers and shakers of the industry are wearing and seeing who will crop up on Dixon’s blog next is equally exciting.

The BoW accolade is perfect for this blog so unleash your inner snoop and go take a butchers…

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>Blog of The Week: Bargainista Fashionista

For the first Blog of The Week of 2010 I was won over by a teddy bear, or rather a teddy bear beanie hat to be precise. Bargainista Fashionista caught my eye in Sunday’s Observer Magazine as part of a ‘New Year, New You style feature called 30 Ways To A Better Life, which is definitely worth a read if you’re stuck for a New Years resolution.

Anywho, there was Susie Wong in the cutest woolly hat I’ve seen all season (from River Island in case you’re interested), chatting about her blog and how to be a savvy shopper on the high street. The concept of her blog is simple: bargains on the high street in ‘real time’ – if Susie blogs about it on her lunch break then you can guarantee it will still be there by the time you finish work.

The reason this blog works is because the fashion on show is accessible to everyone. High street, eBay and etsy pieces crop up and River Island, Topshop and New Look all make regular appearances. Susie’s genuine passion for fashion extends past item must-haves to how one could where the pieces and what trends they go well with, and of course, every post is about what is in stores NOW, this very second.

The only downside of reading this blog is the likely hood that you will turn into a raging shopaholic…

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>Blog of The Week: Frassy


I’m currently trying to write an article about winter trends for Bristol, all the way from sunny Florida, so naturally I’ve spent the last hour blog surfing in a bid to become the world’s best (or should that be worst?) procrastinator. Thankfully I did though, because that’s how I found Frassy, this week’s BoW.

I knew I was onto a winner when I clocked the use of ‘label maker’ fonts – a typeface I’ve always loved, not to mention label makers in general, of which I which I am a proud owner (geeky, I know). Then came the Polaroids and use of black and white – this may sound cliche, but all are big ticks on my design radar.

Frassy is Audrey Lieghton, the English Lit student based in Spain/Durham with a passion for vintage and all things boho. Each post starts with a famous literary quote, with artfully haphazard shots of her posing in outfits (often charity shop and vintage finds), and the stunted prose reminds me a little of Hunter S. Thompson.

Not only does Audrey have a beautifully presented blog, she also sells her own homemade t-shirts and some vintages pieces on her sister site, Frassy Rags. The only disappointment I found was that a gorgeous worn brown leather bag I had my eye on had already been sold. I’m not sure if the store was a one off thing or how often it is updated but hopefully this stylish student will have more stock soon…

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>Blog of The Week: Polka Dot Bride


Ok, so this week it is a bit of a selfish BoW on my part but bare with me as it packed full of style. Polka Dot Bride is a blog devoted to, you guessed it, brides, weddings and all things ‘Special Day’ related. Since I’m now in line to get hitched and there is an ocean between me and my intended, the thought of weddings has been on my mind of late. Polka Dot Bride was bought to my attention via Facebook, from Liz, an old waitressing pal who now makes 50’s style wedding dresses.

While I still feel rather overwhelmed at the prospect of themes, dresses and colour schemes, I have been inspired by the stunning ‘real life’ posts of beautiful photography from this blog, based in Australia. And when I say ‘real life’ I don’t mean in a tacky, Chat, Now, Take A Break fashion…

Wicked Brisbane based wedding post, above

Most of the weddings featured are from the US or OZ and I wish I could import half the photographers over as the visual memories they make for each wedding are stunning! Quirky couples pose across New York with matching green RayBan’s, couple pose in front of iconic landmarks and even in from of art galleries, museums and graffiti. The photography is fantastic and the site itself is very simple to navigate, with new posts appearing every day.
The blog is well respected in its home country and comes with helpful lists of photographers, dress makers and everything else one could possibly need for a wedding. Sadly most of these contacts are for Australasia but there are a few tips for UK and US brides too. Creative colour posts give many ideas for a particular colour, be it black, olive or grey, and interviews with wedding specialists (think filmmakers, boutique owners and wedding planners).
Definitely one to check out if you’re getting hitched, but also for those of you who are aspiring photographers or interested in bridal wear in any way.

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>Blog of The Week: The Freelancer’s Fashion Blog

>This week I’ve gone not for a British blog nor an American blog as my BoW. Stumbling around in the darkness of Google, I came across The Freelancer’s Fashion Blog, based in Helsinki, Finland.

The blog is run by a tattooed blond bombshell who loves vintage, beehive hair-do’s and burlesque; blogging about her outfits, performances as part of her burlesque group and tips and tricks for everything from 30’s inspired hair to applying fake eyelashes.

Playful photography and confessions of an addiction to ‘fashion porn’ (online shopping) are just some of the highlights and this blogger’s cats and her love of all things vintage can be seen in the photos of her taken against mirrors and other reflective surfaces; evoking a voyeuristic, ‘times gone by’ feel.
50’s pin-ups are obviously a huge influence and as a result the blog is full of girly, lust-have images of vintage clothing, accessories, and cute Finnish shops. FFB is well traveled and should I ever find myself in Sweden or Finland I’ll be sorted for vintage boutiques! And if if she was in Naples, Florida right now then I’m sure sure would love the vintage collection at Audrey’s Attic.
I admire someone so influenced by vintage that it has become part of their essence of style, and not just in a printed scarf or red lipstick, although these feature highly in FFB’s look. Her posts on inspiration are, well, inspirational and I think I might try out my on vintage bombshell look tomorrow…

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>Blog of The Week: La Petite Fashionista

>Seeing as I’ll be stateside for a couple of months I figured I should search for the best fashion blogs in the US, and of course Florida. This week’s BoW is La Petite Fashionista, a 20 year old college student based in Florida who is ‘obsessed’ with fashion.

The writing on this blog is young and fresh – Lauren obviously adores fashion and this passion comes across in her writing. From what I gather she is studying fashion merchandising and often blogs about her coursework, work experience and college life, such as this post below.

The blog is very well presented with lots of info and fun bits such as Lauren’s own personal collection of inspirational images not to mention comments and opinions on fashion editorials and new designers. Images and collections are often arranged and designed to look like the pages of a fashion magazine or a mood board, which is shows off Lauren’s creative streak and takes me back to my own fashion student routes of sketchbooks and presentation.
This blog is a fun stroll down memory lane for me and it is great to see a student blogging about fashion while still at school – a quality that will no doubt give her the edge over her peers when it comes to getting a job in the fashion world!


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>Blog of The Week: Liberty London Girl

>I found the musings of LibertyLondonGirl after reading a very interesting piece on IFB that she wrote regarding recent changes in US law that effect bloggers; a must-read for any American bloggers who receive freebies and samples from PR companies.

LLG is “an English fashion editor in Manhattan” blogging about “life, love, fashion, design and food” and appealed to me as she ticks the boxes in terms of interests and her job. As I’m also off to the US soon (sadly not for journalism related purposes) there are posts such as What Beauty Products Should I get in the US?, below, that could come in handy!

There is always something quite appealing about the nature of anonymous bloggers, particularly those in the field of fashion so I was intrigued to read more of LLG’s blog and I think it has a good mix of lifestyle and fashion related content – a balance that many fashion bloggers can loose sight of from time to time.

LLG’s refreshingly honest attitude to life and her move to the US is fun to read ans recently she commented at her surprise at her most recent accolade considering that “this blog, which was originally my letters home to London from New York”. A little helping of English wit, honesty and self-depreciation gives this blog and edge and LLG ticks the boxes as a good blogger – pro active, community focused and keen to respond to comments and posts – a perfect read!

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>Blog of The Week: What Katie Wore

>Sometimes fashion can become an all-consuming mist where you can’t see further than your own leather over-the-knee boots. Everything becomes so serious and business-like when it should be fun, carefree and covered in colourful prints and drippings of lace. Style, on the other hand, is as clear as day, so individual and personal: everyone is born with a sense of style and the outcome is how they choose to nurture it.

What Katie Wore is a celebration of style, one woman’s style to be precise. This blog intends to document everything that Katie wears each day for a whole year, with the help of boyfriend blogger Joe. The twist is that it must be a different outfit everyday.

While I like to think this idea came about as a drunken bet in a pub on a quiet Monday evening, apparently the couple came up with the idea after friends and family claimed they had never seen Katie where the same thing twice, and after the pair moved in together, Katie had to slim down her wardrobe. Disney Roller Girl interviewed Katie and Joe back in February, a month after the challenge began, and the blog is still going strong.

The outfits are a quirky mix of prints, accessories, bright colours with lots of skirts and dresses and the fun and experimental nature of the blog makes it a highlight to skim through, plus waiting to see what Katie will wear next can be strangely addictive. That the name of the blog is a spin on some of my favourite childhood books is a bonus! What is most appealing is that Katie is not a model or a celebrity, she is just a real woman with an eye for fashion and style by the brightly coloured bucket load.

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>Blog of The Week: Fashionella

>It may only be in it’s infancy but Fashionella is a blog to watch. An extension of the fashionable world of photographer Eleanor Hardwick, this blog has recently moved across from Tumblr to Blogspot so there isn’t much on it… yet, but if the determined career of this school girl is anything to go by then I have high hopes for it.

Eleanor Hardwick is a fashion photographer with a difference – she is a mere 16 years old, studying for her A-Levels at college but has numerous exhibitions under her belt and her images have appeared on the pages of everything from Dazed & Confused to The Independent. Her photos are often centered around the notion of differences between childhood and adulthood, with dream-like, ethereal shots of friends and family in quirky situations.

I discovered Hardwick’s images when she had an exhibition at the Here gallery on Stokes Croft back in February and was struck by the beautiful and haunting images that could perhaps be influenced by photography legend Tim Walker, among others. It is therefore fantastic to see other aspects of her creativity emerging.

With an active online presence, Hardwick has not only this fashion blog, but also a website, photoblog and flickr page, as well as posting pictures of herself on stylish blog Lookbook NU, a previous BoW. It is clear that she has a bright feature ahead of her and hopefully this blog will showcase more of her shots and thoughts on fashion.

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