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Flea Market Finds at Ashton Gate

Ashton Gate flea market

Costume jewellery Ashton Gate flea market

Ciao! Last week I took a holiday with Mr Ship-Shape to visit the glorious city of Rome. I love nothing more than a city break with a dose of winter sun so once I’ve sorted through the 200+ photos we took I’ll post a few on here. In the meantime I want to talk fleas. Not the kind you find on your pets, but specifically the new flea market at Ashton Gate Stadium which took place yesterday morning.

After spending a week sightseeing and scoffing ice cream, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend but that didn’t stop S and I pouring over vintage fabrics, costume jewellery and decades worth of furniture, ornements, books and clothes. The market is run by Homemaker Events which started the successful Bath Flea & Vintage Market  and attracted over 120 stalls to the indoor conference centre. When we arrived just after 10am the room was already buzzing with Bristolians buying and selling bargains. Prices were mixed but as S and I were on a budget we stuck to smaller items such as a deck of vintage foral playing cards, printed scarves and mid length ‘granny’ skirts.

I came away with this gorgeous red, green and turquoise printed scarf, below, which mixes paisley with flowers and was a bargain at just £3. S and I can’t wait to go back next month – perhaps we’ll see you there?

flea market scarf

My flea market scarf / Black top from Warehouse / Cream horse belt from Primark

scarf detail

The Bristol Flea Market will return to Ashton Gate Stadium on a monthly basis, opening hours are 9am – 2pm. Entry is £2 or £1 for students and OAPs. For more info check out the event website.



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(Tatty) Devine DIY

Tatty Devine workshop: busy hands at work

Tatty Devine workshop: busy hands at work

Ship-Shape is taking a break for a week but before I go I wanted to share with you the outcome of the Tatty Devine workshop at the Soma Gallery yesterday. Tatty creators Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine were on hand to sign copies of their new book and teach willing students, yummy mummies and local fashionistas how to create their iconic tape measure rosettes.

As eight of us eager beavers took our seats around a table filled with brightly coloured tape measures, scissors and hole punchers we listened as Harriet walked us through how to turn your average tape measure into a quirky brooch. On paper the process is remarkably simple but several of us had trouble remembering our 3 x tables when it came to measuring out holes to punch! The result, below, was so satisfying that it compelled me to buy a copy of How to Make Jewellery with Tatty Devine so I can start making more of my own jewellery again. Did you make it to the workshop? If so let me know what you thought of it by commenting below.

Tatty Devine DIY rosette

My Tatty Devine DIY rosette

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>Granny Chic: A Vintage Goldmine (continued)

>I’m aware that my last post didn’t go into too much detail about the sheer volume of accessories that can be acquired from granny so a bit more on that now…

As with any trend you might be a little unsure of, accessories provide the perfect fashion pool to dip your toe in, without getting soaking wet. If you’re unsure of how vintage/granny chic will look (or how to convince granny to give up the goods) then a pair of shoes or printed scarf are a great place to start.

Chances are that your old lady friend will have accumulated a fair few scarves, bags and pairs of shoes in her time, whether she has an interest in fashion or not. Once again it is a likely bet that the accessories in question will have been kept neatly in their original boxes/packaging, keeping them in good condition.

Shoes – can be a great find if you and granny are a similar size though be warned: shoe that are more than 30 years old are likely to be slimmer across the ball/toe than what you might be used to. If you have wide feet or ankles then this might be an accessory you have to miss out on. This tan leather shoes, far left, are a key example and require Party Feet and a large quantity of alcohol to wear comfortably!

Scarves – printed, woven, wool or silk; a decent square scarf is the multi-tasker of the accessory world. Tie it round your neck for a 50’s air hostess look or tie through the handle of a tired looking bag for instant fashion refreshment. You could of course always drape one around your neck and shoulders when cold! My personal favourites are brightly coloured paisley prints on silk, above.

Jewellery – Depending on her taste, your gran may have anything from pearls to pewter in her collection. If you like decorative, costume jewellery then you may be in luck. An example of what my elderly fashionista has given to me can be seen above, right, and includes some plastic fuchsia beads (great for daytime), a beautiful stone brooch inset into tarnished gold (perfect for smartening up hats and lapels) and some trashy gold bracelets (great for adding a bit of bling on a night out).

– leather clutches and small, evening bags are all the rage right now and granny may well have a couple she wants to get rid of. Be sure to look out for detailed clasps and a decent lining. Be sure to give back anything your granny may have left inside her bag as although you admire her style, you probably don’t have much need for lace handkerchiefs and plastic combs!

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