Vintage Kilo Sale at Bristol’s Paintworks

Inside Judy's Bristol Vintage Kilo Sale

Last Saturday a couple of our friends came to stay and when one of them mentioned a vintage kilo sale taking place at Bristol’s Paintworks complex the very same weekend, I felt duty bound to check it out. Purely for blog research, of course…

After a night of sweet potato curry, homemade damson gin and an intense game of Monopoly, we got up early on Sunday morning to head to Judy’s Vintage Kilo Sale. I’d heard of Judy’s Vintage Fairs – a popular sight in Bristol and across the country, but their kilo sales were new to me. The difference is at a a kilo sale, instead of paying for each garment individually, you pay by weight. In this instance the cost was £15 per kilo which the Judy’s website reckons will get you around 4-5 items.

Judy's Vintage Kilo Sale at Bristol Paintworks

We arrived just after the event kicked off at 10am and I’m so pleased we did, as within half an hour the room was heaving with bargain hunters and traders. The large hall was decorated with fairy lights and purple balloons and filled to the brim with rails and containers full of clothes. Classed as vintage, the kilo sales have stock from the 70s through to the 90s, so if 40s rose print tea dresses or 50s circle skirts are what you’re after, you won’t find them at one of these events.

I was surprised by the amount of 90s stock (personally I don’t consider something from George at Asda circa 1998 to be vintage) and the stock felt very seasonal, with lots of jackets and chunky knitwear, but after rummaging the rails I managed to find a few brightly patterned summer dresses, hurrah! I bought just over 2.5 kilos, which cost around £40, but for that I walked away with two jumpers, five dresses, one skirt and a blazer – that’s practically half a wardrobe full of unique clothes for the price of a couple of nights out.

I’ll write another post about the bargains I found in more detail, but if you’re interested in Judy’s Kilo Sales then take a look at their events page to find your local sale. This is definitely a different way to shop for vintage – have you been to an event like this before, or does the rummage factor put you off?

Vintage Kilo Sale balloonsVintage jumpers at the Vintage Kilo SaleBargain hunters at the Vintage Kilo SaleVintage kilo sale clothes

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8 responses to “Vintage Kilo Sale at Bristol’s Paintworks

  1. Your nights in sound amazing! Love to be on the home-made gin playing monopoly 😀 Never been to a kilo sale myself even though I’ve head of them. Not afraid of getting my hands dirty but they’ve always been on the weeks I have to work weekends 😦

    Can’t wait to see what you got for that bargainous price!

  2. eleanorjanebirdy

    Hmm… I really think I’m too old to be retro-ing from decades that I lived through. Give me some older stuff, or newer stuff and I’ll be fine.

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  5. I’m so excited for the next one!! Are you going?

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