Photographing Outfit Posts in Public

Willfields festival outfit

Outfit posts are a funny thing, aren’t they? I think if you’re a fashion, style or any form of visual blogger you’re always aware of your surroundings, both present and future, and the possibilities that lie within. A quaint back street, a perfect sunset or a vibrant focal point such a red telephone box or wall of graffiti – every location becomes an opportunity to act as a backdrop to your outfit or subject matter.

Of course it’s all very well when you’re alone with a tripod and remote, or a trusty partner/parent/BFF, but what about when your preferred location is buzzing with people? That’s where I found myself when I went to Willfields this weekend – a picture-perfect field that was the setting for a mini festival put on and attended by lots of my friends. Friends who find the concept of documenting outfits hilarious. Friends who have cameras with a zoom setting to capture you as you pose by a tent, trying out your best nonchalant head tilt…

And so it was that Mr Ship-Shape photographed this festival outfit, made up of my cotton ‘Eve’ top from Toast and a few items from the recent Cabot Circus Festival Fashion Style Challenge, while a group of my friends could be heard playing at being paparazzi while giggling in the distance.

When I’ve worked out a format I might write a post on how to photograph outfits in public but for now, here are a few thoughts on the matter:

Even the non-posiest poses can look posed

Finding a quite spot will make you feel (a bit) more relaxed

Laughing through it is your only option

The quicker you shoot, the quicker you’ll stop being stared at

Pretending to flash (your friends, not random members of the public!) can work wonders to lighten the mood

Do you you shy away from having your photo taken in public or are you the first to enlist your non-blogger pals in snapping your style? Share your thoughts in the comments!

‘Eve’ top – c/o Toast / Stonewashed boyfriend shorts – New Look / Red and brown striped cardigan – Mango / Vintage Paisley scarf – Grandma Ship-Shape / Chelsea boots –Topshop / Sunglasses – Primark

New Look stonewashed boyfriend shortsTopshop tan Chelsea bootsVintage paisley scarf and Mango cardiganFestival dressing at WIllfieldsEve buttoned back top from Toast

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14 responses to “Photographing Outfit Posts in Public

  1. Tara

    That scarf is so lovely and those boots are so yummy!!

    I agree with laughing your way through public outfit snaps! I don’t really mind anymore, it always attracts attention but I just keep them guessing & pretend not to notice the stares haha.


  2. Great post. I’m actually going to a festival this weekend and have been thinking about outfit photos, how I want to do them but will feel like a bit of an idiot posing for them! I’ll just grin and bear it! x

  3. I’m rubbish at posing in public…especially in India where EVERYONE stares! But I’ve realised that I’m wasting an awesome opportunity, I mean where else in world can I have such a bonkers background?! You look lovely in the photos, genuinely smiley and happy – your friends might have been giggling in the background but it made for some great shots 🙂

  4. You do look lovely in these photos and all smiley, I always get self conscious and just pretend to look at my phone until they go away!

    Maria xxx

  5. eleanorjanebirdy

    Cute outfit! I love those rusty colours with your hair.
    As for being photo-ed, I don’t mind, though if I had an audience of smirking friends, I might feel another way.

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