Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Rock The Week - Italian breakfast

  • Ciao, ciao! Ok so I’m being a bit naughty with this RTW post as this was actually written on Friday and scheduled, as I’m actually on holiday in Italy right now. I’m planning on eating my body weight in pizza and gelato, so expect a slightly rounder version of me in outfit posts when I get back 😉 This photo was taken last year and you can expect more of the same when I get back next week, if you can’t wait you can see some holiday snaps on Instagram.
  • British Summer Time. I may be in another country but as a Brit I can’t take my mind off the weather. It’s been so brilliant across the country, I think everyone is still a bit in shock. This week I’ve enjoyed bare legs with skirts, more ice cream than I care to mention, and meeting up with friends for drinks in Quakers Friars – the closest thing we have to a piazza in Bristol.
  • Zara. The Zara sale gets me every darn time! This week I posted about the sale bargains I found a couple of weeks ago, some of which have made it to Italy with me. I also shared the post I wrote for Oxfam Fashion which is all about the benefits of festival charity shops. Festivals are a surprisingly great place to hunt for vintage bargains and found a couple of beauts that I’ll be sharing on the blog once I’m back in Bristol.

What’s been rocking your world this week? Are you having a summer holiday this year? Let me know by commenting below…



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3 responses to “Rock The Week

  1. Hope you have an amazing time in Italy, I am SO jealous!

    Maria xxx

  2. Ah, Italy!! I love!! Summer? We’re in the middle of the monsoon over here and I’m seriously missing my warm jumpers that I left in the UK! Have a great holiday 🙂 x

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Italy and that the pizza consumption is going as planned!

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