Oxfam Fashion: 10 Reasons to Visit a Festival Charity Shop

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Happy Friday! This post is a short and sweet one to say that my latest post for Oxfam is now live, and it’s all about why you should visit festival charity shops.

I know, I know, you might be questioning if a festival is really the place to go on a shopping spree but trust me, you can find so much more than clothes in a festival charity shop. For starters the staff are always cheerful, you can pick up blankets and knitted hats to keep you warm in your tents, and kit yourself out with a festival fancy dress outfit with change from a tenner – what’s not to love, eh?

At Glastonbury, Oxfam alone had three different festival shops spread out across the site, catering for knitwear and blankets, classic festival vintage and an animal-themed stall with leopard print and sequins, and there were also several other charities there too. So if it’s Latitude today or WOMAD next weekend, don’t forget to pop along and pick up a bargain.

Have a great weekend!




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4 responses to “Oxfam Fashion: 10 Reasons to Visit a Festival Charity Shop

  1. that sounds awesome! I wish we had festival charity shops as well 🙂

  2. This is such a good idea! You’ve always forgotten *something*, so even better if the money you spend to buy it goes to charity!

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  4. Yes, I have to say that the Charity shop tents are among the first I head to at a festival, particularly as they have often stock-piled festival-suitable garb. The only problem is being able to carry the weight of new purchases away from the site when the Festival ends!

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