Style Spotting at St Pauls Carnival

St Pauls Carnival City Road

St Pauls Carnival is a huge event for Bristol that takes place every summer, bringing one day of African and Caribbean music, dancing and a large dose of cider to the streets of St Pauls and the surrounding areas. On Saturday the streets filled up with Bristolians eager to soak up the festival spirit after the carnival took a break last year.

Somehow, despite this country’s penchant for wet weather, this annual street party always seems to be a hot, sunny affair and with good weather brings the opportunity to dress like we’re in Rio, rather than the South West. Adults and children taking part in the parade danced past the crowds in a whirl of satin, sequins and feathers, but the crowds were equally colourful in their choice of outfits.

Body con jersy dresses, strappless maxis, pleated chiffon midi skirts, tropical prints and cropped tops showing off waists that had been honed and tanned for the occasion all made an appearance this year, as did flowers – pinned to ponytails or taking the form of dainty garlands (a bit like this one) sold alongside wannabe vuvuzalas and neon ‘wiggly worms’ on sticks.

I loved seeing the city soaked in colour and couldn’t resist taking my DSLR along to the parade to capture some of the costumes in action. Perhaps next year I’ll go as a cancan dancer…

Can can dancers at St Pauls CarnivalFloral hair bands at St Pauls CarnivalSt Pauls Carnival costumesSt Pauls Carnival parade kidsRed white and blue costumes at St Pauls Carnival



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13 responses to “Style Spotting at St Pauls Carnival

  1. Can you believe I’ve never been!? My boyfriend’s always there, he loves it! One day I’ll definitely swing by, the dancing kids are just too cute. x

  2. My boyfriend and I ventured by in the afternoon and there was some amazing fashion- and by that point, some quite questionable too! x

  3. My husband took the girls (sadly I was at work) – they had a great time! We live in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside yet this is only 30 mins from our door, v. lucky.

  4. SUCH a perfect day for it. Great photos too, especially the can can dancer and the three children.

    • Thank you – I’ve found one of the best spots to stand is on a traffic island so you’re in the heart of the parade as it moves past – makes for some great shots though you have to watch out for wayward hula-hoops!

  5. lauren piper

    Such amazing weather for St Paul’s fest this year! Shame I didn’t go, maybe next year! xx

  6. I’ve lived in Bristol for over 8 years and can’t believe I’ve never actually been to St Pauls Carnival!! I must go next year!!

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