Festival Fashion: Beauty Essentials

Festival beauty essentials

The words ‘festival’ and ‘beauty essentials’ may not sound like a match made in heaven, but if you’re going to Glastonbury this weekend (or Leeds, Bestival, WOMAD or similar in a few weeks time) then you could do worse than packing this lot…

Origins Perfect World Moisturiser – It doesn’t have to be Origins, but a rich moisturiser will do your skin wonders and help protect against wind and rain. Apply before bed to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. If you’re prone to oily skin then opt for a lighter product – points for wearing one with an inbuilt SPF.

Simple Cleansing Wipes – Bring baby wipes for hands and general body cleaning, but don’t forget dedicated facial wipes as these are designed for the delicate skin on your face and will also be better at removing make-up and glitter.

Hair grips – Pick a packet of these up from Boots, Superdrug or similar and your hair will thank you. From pinning your hair in Heidi style braids or keeping a headscarf or hair garland in place, a handful of hair grips will serve you well at a festival. Bring more than you need as hair grips have a tendency to disappear very quickly…

Batiste Dry Shampoo – A travel size helping of dry shampoo is a festival beauty essential, especially for longer events like Glastonbury, where you’re unlikely to be showering for five days. Please try to avoid washing your hair under drinking taps at festivals – there are often very thirsty people waiting and queues can build up really quickly. Wash your hair the morning you set off, keep it fresh with a spritz of dry shampoo and bring hats and headscarves to help disguise any grease!

Carex Hand Sanitizer – This is a no-brainer product to bring with you. As well as using this after the dreaded festival loo visits, make sure you rub a bit into your hands before applying makeup or moisturiser to your face, to avoid transmitting germs and dirt.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Protection Cream SPF 50 – I have pathetic skin when it comes to sun exposure (according to the packaging of this sun cream the technical term is ‘sun intolerant skin’) but make sure you pack a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 25, even if the weather forecast is predicting rain. You never know what can happen with British weather and burnt skin at a festival isn’t fun!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Aloe Vera Cooling Spray – If you do get burnt then after-sun cream or spray can help to soothe your skin and ease that ‘burning’ feeling. This spray is light and smells delicious thanks to the lavender essential oils it contains.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – I’m not one for wearing a lot of make-up at festivals – it’s a hassle and the warm weather can dry out liquid based products – but a sweep of mascara can help perk up tired eyes. I know there have been mixed reviews about Benefit’s They’re Real! but I love it for giving longer, un-clumpy lashes, so it’s made it’s way into my festival make-up bag.

Vasline Lip Therapy – A neutral lip balm like this has so many uses at a festival, from keeping lips chap-free to preventing blisters on your feet (yes, really) just make sure you was your hands before applying, otherwise the pot could become a hotbed of germs.

WH Smiths gold glitter pot – A festival wouldn’t be complete without a little frivolity, and glitter is a fun way to channel that. Apply liberally around your eyes or on your shoulders or hands using the aforementioned lip balm – apply a light coating of Vasline Lip Therapy in a semi circle around your temples and cheekbones and pat the glitter over the top with a dry finger.


Do you have a festival beauty routine or any tips you’d like to add? If so comment below!



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7 responses to “Festival Fashion: Beauty Essentials

  1. I was at a festival this weekend, and I used a lot of wet wipes, hand sanitizer and SPF lotion. Also lip balm and court plasters, but I use those all the time. The most useful thing, though, was an anti-insects spray – not sure it counts as beauty, but it was definitely worth carrying around.

  2. Now this looks like a genuinely useful list of what will actually get used over three days. Thank you!

  3. Plasters! Wellies can be buggers for rubbing the backs of your ankles, or the front of your shins, and plasters can really help with the soreness afterwards.
    Thicker layers than you think for sleeping in too, it gets very cold at night, even in Summer.

  4. Hope you had fun at Glasto!

    Maria xxx

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