Rock The Week

Fashion related (and totally non-fashion related) things that have made my world go round over the last seven days…

Rock The Week festival fashion

  • Festival hype. Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed that I’ve been a little festival obsessed this week and that’s because I’m off to Glastonbury Festival today. I work there so I’ll be on site for the next seven days and I’m so excited. As a result the blog will be quieter than normal, but I’ll be tweeting and on Instagram if you want to keep up with my festival adventures.
  • Festival fashion. Due to the above excitement, the blog has been a festival fashion zone this week, with posts on my festival style icon, Florence Welch, and the Cabot Circus Style Challenge, which involved sharing how to put together the perfect festival outfit for £150. I just hope I get to wear some of it and not the waterproof trousers and jacket I’ve packed!
  • HTML. It’s not much but I want to redesign Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion so this week I’ve started by neatening up the sidebar and adding some social media buttons for Twitter, Pinterest etc to make it easier for anyone wishing to follow me to do so. It was only a half hour job but I’m really surprised at how simple it was to do.
  • Round up posts. Finally, it was a lovely surprise to see that on of my festival posts has been included on the Bonjour Blogger Saturday Summary post this week. There are some great posts and bloggers in there including Bristol Fashionista and Pretty Much Penniless so if you’re looking for a weekend read and some new blogs to sample, take a look!

What’s been rocking your world this week? Are any of you off to Glastonbury? Let me know by commenting below…



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7 responses to “Rock The Week

  1. Great photo, so inspiring!
    Love, Anna

  2. Love this photo, hope you have fun at Glasto!

    Maria xxx

  3. That photo is beautiful! xo

  4. Enjoy Glastonbury! Fingers crossed for good weather for you!

  5. Hope you have a fab time at Glasto – nice work on the sidebar – looks great!

  6. Have fun at Glasto! I love festivals but I don’t get to go to many, I’m a bit of a scrooge with my holiday allowance and I like to use most of it around christmas haha! Looking forward to see your blog’s redesign 🙂 xx

    Almost Delightful

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