Festival Icon: Florence + The Machine

Festival Fashion: Florence + The Machine
Mango chiffon dress / Topshop embroidered blouse / AllSaints cropped leather jacket / Isabel Marant real leather boots / Jack Wills leather jewelry / Accessorize Bracelet jewelry / Dolly Bow Bow Pink headband / Peacocks Belt

When Florence + The Machine played the Other Stage at Glastonbury in 2010, I was stood watching the show with some friends to the left of the stage. The sun was shining and in front of me was a girl of around 10 or 11, sat in a wheelchair and flanked either side by her parents. This girl had delicate features and long wavy hair, topped with a garland of tiny rose buds.

With every song Florence Welch sang, this young girl sang along, copying every word while moving her hands to the music above her head. Watching her was transfixing and reminiscent of the way over-excited congregations get in the Bible-belt churches of the US, except the music took the place of a religious experience. I was surprised that the songs evoked so much passion in someone so young.

As well as her emotive music, Florence Welch is also a style icon, especially when it comes to festivals. When we had to come in musical fancy dress at work a couple of weeks ago I picked Florence and wore a maxi skirt with red lips, glitter and a floral garland in my hair, and for the Cabot Circus Style Challenge it was Florence I was thinking of when searching for a kimono.

Welch has a unique style that incorporates brocade shorts suits, backless vintage dresses and a hippy vibe offset by a rock and roll air. I’ve tried to capture her style with this festival wishlist and if I thought I could relax while getting mud over a £170 backless beaded dress like this one from Mango, then I’d wear it in a heartbeat.

Is there a better example of festival style than Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine? I think not. If you disagree then share your festival style hero in the comments!



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8 responses to “Festival Icon: Florence + The Machine

  1. eleanorjanebirdy

    I don’t know about festival fashion as I’m a good 10 – 15 years too old/fat to be schlepping about in short shorts, but I do love Florence. I finally got around to getting her last album and it’s it gem.

  2. Florence is such a style inspiration her festival choices are always perfect ❤


  3. Amy

    Those. Hotpants. Are. AMAZING.

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  5. Give me the ethereal beauty of Florence any day over the grungey la Moss. I love FW – she even inspired us to call our daughter Florence who also has auburn curly hair and likes to sing!

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