Ship-Shape is on Instagram!

Mini lomo 'Evelyn' camera      Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion blog      #myreisslook style challenge

Having recently upgraded from a Blackberry to a shiny new Android phone, one of the things I was most excited about was all the apps I’d have access to (Blackberrys have quite a pitiful selection) and that includes Instagram.

After reading articles that discussed how Instagram could ruin blogging, put an end to digital photography and generally wreck lives, I was a bit sceptical. Would Instagram stop me from blogging regularly or mean I never pick up my DSLR or Diana Dreamer again? That would be a big fat no, so here I am.

If you’d like to follow me on @shipshapebf then please do, though truth be told, I’m more excited about experimenting with all the different effects and filters than accruing hundreds of likes/followers. So far I’ve found a couple of inspiring Instagram posts, the first being from Moi Minnie, who has a really interesting take on using colour (or not, as the case may be) in her Instagram images, and another post from IFB with a host of creative fashion blog Instargramers.

I can safely say I’ll be sticking to capturing Bristol, cake and clothes I’m coveting on camera, at least for now. Yes, it’s cliché, but then I did learn all I know about Instagram from this College Humour video… Are you on Instagram? If so, what filters do you love using and who are your favourite Instergramers to follow?

Magpies & I Nest on Gloucester Road      Silver brougues #OOTD      Pearly King Cakes cupcakes
Top row: Mini lomo ‘Evelyn’ camera in pastel pink; my first Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion Instagram; an outfit I put together for the #myreisslook style challenge. Bottom row: The Nest pop-up shop on Gloucester Road; my sliver brogues, aka happy shoes; tasty looking Pearly King Cake cupcakes at The Nest launch party. 


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