Lomo Love: Colour Negative 100 film

Lomography Colour Negative 100 film

Lomography is still very new to me, and unlike digital, it’s a medium that can’t be perfected with the push of a button. Waiting to pick up the film and pulling open the oblong envelope is always exciting, as you can never guarantee quite what you’ll find inside. Although I had great results with Redscale XR film a few months ago, I wanted to experiment with Colour Negative 100 film, which is what these shots were taken on.

The film performs best in bright sunlight, which wasn’t ideal given how miserable spring has been, but I’m optimistic that the next roll will be used in better conditions – yesterday was so warm that I ate lunch outside, so here’s hoping!

These double exposure shots were taken in and around Bristol, and on my recent weekend in Cornwall. The bleeding in some photos is from not unloading the film properly (oops!), but I kind of like the effects.

If you use a lomo camera and have any tips to share then please let me know in the comments!

Lomography Bristol graffitiLomography Bristol St WerburghsLomography Cornwall Colour Negative 100Lomography Cornwall Lomography Tate St Ives, Cornwall



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17 responses to “Lomo Love: Colour Negative 100 film

  1. These look amazing! xo

  2. I broke my lomo, I’m so sad

  3. I do love using lomo cameras, you’re right that you just can’t beat the feeling of not knowing what’s waiting inside the envelope and all the happy accidents that happen with light leakes or accidental double exposures and so on! I have a Holga 35mm and a Lomo LC-A and they do produce some lovely photos. Love yours 🙂

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. I’m massive Lomography’s fan 🙂


  5. Although I don’t own a lomo camera myself I’m always very intrigued by the shots other people achieve. Your double exposures are fascinating in the way two time scales and places are overlaid.

  6. You got some great shots – the third one down is my fave – you got the double exposure so perfect. I just don’t have the patience for lomo myself, but I love them!

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  8. These shots are amazing, so atmospheric! The little defects just add to the image…they’re a refreshing change to the overly edited images we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. I bought my husband a Lomo for his birthday a couple of years ago and he still hasn’t used it, I’m hoping that showing him your results will spur him into action! xx

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