Cowboy boots and Western shoots

Zara studded cowboy boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

You know when you really want to like something but it just doesn’t happen? I feel that way about heels – not just high heels, all heels. I can’t walk in anything over an inch and even then I have an 80% chance of stacking it once I leave the house.

My ineptitude for heels knows no bounds, and I thought even cowboy boots were out of my reach until I spotted these beauts in Zara a couple of weeks ago. I’m a big fan of Zara, even more so when there is a sale on, and after initially lusting after a pair of red ankle boots covered in studs (£40 down from £130!) I came across these worn tan leather demi-cowboy boots. The smattering of worn metal studs removes them far enough away from country singer but not so close to S&M that they look like props from a Lady Gaga show.

They were the last pair, in my size (I love it when that happens) and half the price of the flat red boots, so I decided to take them home. Two weeks later and not a blister or aching foot in sight! I’ve never bought shoes from Zara before so I don’t know if it’s the brand or just this pair that works for me, but I’m loving my extra two inches of hight.

When I went out for drinks at the weekend I styled them with my sparkly black skirt (the one I like to think Mila Kunis would wear in Black Swan), also from Zara, and my black lace yolk Primark blouse, which also has a touch of cowgirl about it. The belt is vintage and the cotton/leather-look leggings are from Primark.

Have you ever bought shoes from Zara, and is there anyone else out there that looks like a less graceful Bambi on ice when they wear heels?

Zara boots and glitter skirt | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionPrimark lace blouse | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionZara skirt and boots | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionZara Primark outfit | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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13 responses to “Cowboy boots and Western shoots

  1. Those boots are gorgeous and well, so is this entire outfit in general! xx

  2. They are beuaitful! I love how you styled them as well.

  3. I just wrote a blog post for Oxfams fashion blog on my love for cowboy boots too! they really are the best for girls who don’t like heels (me included)

  4. I adore this entire outfit, you look amazing!

    Maria xxx

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