Nars Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose review

Nars Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

The combination of a Space.NK. voucher and the need for a payday pick-me-up (hasn’t January been the longest month!?) led to me purchasing my first ever Nars product this weekend.

As make-up goes, I tend to experiment more with lip colour than anything else, but lipstick can be a little drying, and every gloss I’ve tried has the irritating ability to stick every hair to my lips within seconds of leaving the house.

Lip pens and sticks like Revlon’s Just Bitten and Clinique Chubby Sticks have been on my wishlist to try for a while. The’re something about them and their plump, oversized nature, that reminds me of the crayons and felt tips that I used to play with as a child. While my hand-eye coordination has improved a tad since I was seven, I still feel disproportionally pleased with myself when I manage to keep within the lines when applying lip colour or eye liner.

The Nars lip pencils come in two different finishes; Velvet Matte or Velvet Gloss. After chatting to the sales assistant and trying on a couple of shades in store (the Clifton Triangle branch), I decided to opt for the gloss finish, as the matte texture can be quite drying, apparently, and therefore not so great for long-wearing daytime looks. I was immediately drawn to Mexican Rose, a deep raspberry shade.

The swatch on my arm is quite sheer, but I found the colour quite intense (by my standards, at least) and more so when applied on top of my Mac lip liner (‘In Anticipation’). The photo at the bottom is sans lip liner, and approximately two coats, which lasted around six hours without the need for reapplication.

Have you tried lip pencils or pens? Let me know if you can recommend any, or any more Nars products  : )

Nars Lip Pencil swatch in Mexican Rose | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionNars lip colour Mexican Rose | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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11 responses to “Nars Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose review

  1. I’ve never used NARS products before, this looks gorgeous though x

  2. Ooh love that colour choice – never thought to trey Nars before, but you might have tempted me!

  3. Ooh such a pretty colour! I really like NARS lip pencils and I own three of them – Red Square, Cruella and Dolce Vita. They’re all velvet mattes but I quite like the finish, the shades I got at least weren’t all that drying if a bit of lip balm is applied first 🙂 xx

  4. That is a gorgeous colour! I definitely experiment with lip colourmore than anything else too, but I haven’t tried a lip pencil yet – I’ve seen some cool ones in Topshop as well which I’d like to try out, but maybe it’s time to splash out and go with something more high end like Nars?!

  5. Must Have Boxes

    Nars is a great brand and that color is totally glam.

    – KW

  6. Great post! 🙂 Its such a lovely shade.

    I love your blog, do you want to follow each other?
    Jade xx

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  8. This is such a gorgeous colour, I definitely need to try some Nars products!

    Maria xxx

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