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Lomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

I’ve loved taking photos for as long as I can remember, and milestones have often been marked with new cameras. For my 18th birthday my parents bought be a manual Pentax K1000, I treated myself to a Polaroid 600 when I went traveling after university, and for my 25th I was lucky enough to be given a Canon DSLR.

For my last birthday Mr Ship-Shape bought me a Diana F+ Dreamer – a lomography camera! Lomography is a medium that I love becuase of the utterly unpredictable nature of the results. When shooting with film you have to give a lot more thought to your subject and composition and with the lo-fi quality of lomo cameras, anything can happen inside that plastic casing.

I was given three rolls of redscale XR film with my Diana Dreamer and was really disappointed when the first roll came back with only half the normal number of prints, that all looked as if I’d held a pair of inferred binoculars in front of the lens. For my next roll I decided to focus on shooting multiple exposures and these are some of the results!

I’m elated with this roll and can’t believe the range of colours that have appeared – from warm oranges to the bleeding neon pink of an almost finished roll. All the images except that of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, below, are double or tripple exposures, and the lovely Photographique, of Clare Street, developed these prints.

This film has restored my faith in redscale and I can’t wait to get out at the weekends and experiment more.

Do you own a Holga, Diana or Fish Eye camera? I’d love to hear what results you’ve had and what different Lomo films you’ve tried.

Lomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionLomography | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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16 responses to “Lomo Love

  1. Amazing post, your blog is amazing dear ❤
    Love, Anna


  2. Double exposures are so evocative – laying one moment over another and creating an altered vision. I still haven’t taken the plunge in using my dad’s old Pentax 35mm camera properly, mainly due to the sheer expense of both film and development. However, I adore photographers who work only in film, just as VAnessa Jackman.

    • Film is a wonderful medium – I think you should definitely take the plunge with a manual camera, as the effects are so different from digital. It can be expensive if you shoot a lot of rolls, but that’s one of the benefits of double exposures – you get double the scenes you want, with half the necessary film.

  3. These photos are truly incredible! Well done, I never would know how to do that!!
    xx Maria

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  5. Great pics and blog, got my trusty k1000 too!

  6. These are amazing! I love the ‘to the zoo’ one especially. Well done 😀 And thank you for your comment on my lomo post! xx

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