Oxfam Fashion: DIY Stockings

Oxfam DIY stocking | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

I don’t know about you, but for me, a stocking full of small gifts and chocolate is a Christmas essential. I’ve woken up to find one waiting on the handle of my bedroom door since I can remember, but this year, since I’m a grown up and everything, I decided it would be better for my mum’s sanity if I no longer asked her to do the honours.

So it was that I decided to make Christmas stockings for myself and Mr Ship-Shape this year, and start a festive tradition of our own. I’m not the best with a needle and thread, but I wanted something personal that we could enjoy for years to come, which is why I decided to attempt making both stockings from scratch and write a DIY blog post about it for Oxfam.

Apparently my first attempt, above, looks like an oven glove, which, after an hour and a half of wrestling with my sewing machine, didn’t go down to well, but if you want to have a crack at making your own, you can read the DIY Christmas stocking post here.

I can’t be the only adult out there who enjoys receiving a stocking, can I?

Merry Christmas!

SJ x

Oxfam DIY stocking fabric | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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8 responses to “Oxfam Fashion: DIY Stockings

  1. I love getting a stocking at Christmas and I think my Mum would cry if I decided I didn’t want one!

  2. Oh this is so amazing ❤ I love getting stocking !

  3. I love the idea of a christmas stocknig! My family doesn’t really do them, but I got one from my boyfriend’s family this year and it was so much fun opening it!

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