All I Want For Christmas 2012… House & Home Gift Ideas

Christmas 2012 Gift Guide - Homewares

Eek, there are just two weekends left to finish your Christmas shopping! If you’re braving the high street this weekend, my Christmas 2012 Gift Guide might just come in handy.

Finding the right present for someone and seeing their face when they open it is always a joy, so over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my wish lists, ahem, gift guides with you. Yes, I may be borrowing inspiration from what I want to find under the Christmas tree, but I hope these guides will come in handy for you, too.

This week it’s homewares. Having bought our first house this year, furnishings, crafty projects and decorating have been on my mind a lot recently. I love old suitcases and trunks, which not only offer storage but also have the potential, when stacked, to become coffee tables or shelves in their own right. I wish I liked eggs because these Rob Ryan egg cups are so pretty, but they would make the perfect stocking filler, as would this adorable knitted owl cushion.

What gifts will you be buying or making this weekend?



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4 responses to “All I Want For Christmas 2012… House & Home Gift Ideas

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  2. A great list! I’d love to find the suitcases for me under the tree! Good luck finishing your Christmas shopping xx

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