New shoes, new ‘do…

Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Going to the hairdressers is a little treat that comes twice a year for me. While getting a new do at my salon is relatively cheap compared to some venues, it’s still an expense that I can’t afford very often, and whenever I go, I always have that moment, sat in the chair, when I think my hair looks perfect just the way it is (it doesn’t) – does anyone else ever think that?

As a result, I always feel like I chicken out when it comes to changing my hair, but last Friday I took the plunge and went red. What do you reckon? I’m really happy with the colour and the ends of my hair have been left alone, to give a slight ombre effect.

The shoes are also new, bought when Office in Broadmead closed down a couple of months ago, for a ridiculously cheap £7. Fortunately Office has found a new home in Cabot Circus (opening this Thursday) and I hope they’re keeping the staff that they had in the Broadmead store, as they remained friendly and helpful dispute having to shut up shop and deal with panicked bargain hunters.

The trousers are from Topshop, as is the jumper, which I found at a clothes swap. The hat is from H&M – I was looking for a classic black bowler hat but I actually prefer this bottle green number. The socks are from H&M as well, and the belt is by Christopher Kane, which I picked up for £5 at a sample sale in London earlier this year.

It feels very festive to have red hair, though I don’t need much help in that department – tonight I’m going to start making our stockings and might even play some Christmas songs if I have the house to myself : )

New hair | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop outfit and H&M hat | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionChristopher Kane belt | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOffice silver brogues | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOffice silver brogues and Topshop trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOffice silver brogues and Topshop trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionNew hair | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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11 responses to “New shoes, new ‘do…

  1. Your hair colour is stunning! It really suits you, I am so glad you went for it! Love those trousers too!

  2. you look awesome! I love your shoes and hat ❤ it's super cool!

  3. Your hair looks utterly amazing x

  4. Gorgeous hair colour – looks amazing! Loving the trews and hat too 😀

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