Oxfam Outfit: Peach Vintage Dress

Oxfam knitted dress | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

This weekend there was just enough sunshine to take a few snaps of the potluck dress I found in Oxfam a couple of months ago at the Oxfam Fashion Blogger Meet.

I say ‘potluck’ because, lets face it, it’s a knitted peach number with a somewhat ostentatious collar. It’s not exactly my usual style, but I was drawn to it when we were dressing the windows of Oxfam’s Cowley Road shop back in October.

The dress was £4.99 and so unique that since my taste sways from floral harem pants to vintage coats, I figured I’d give it a try. The one drawback is the sheerness of the dress. The herringbone pattern is so pretty, but if it weren’t for the black slip I’m wearing, this photo shoot would have taken a very different tone indeed! I’m thinking it would look great with either a neon orange or electric blue slip, but for now I’ll be pairing it with an all black base.

I’ve paired it with my mock tweed H&M blazer and Primark boots, and the shots were taken in my minuscule back garden using a tripod. I’m still new to using it (and thinking that a remote control would make shooting so much easier) hence the shot above, which I actually quite like! Do any of you have tips for shooting with a tripod?

Oxfam vintage dress and H&M blazer | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionH&M blazer with Oxfam badge | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOxfam knitted dress | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionOxfam dress and turquoise necklace | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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11 responses to “Oxfam Outfit: Peach Vintage Dress

  1. This dress is absolutely amazing! It’s so so nice !! Hope you are well my dear.
    Charlotte xx


  2. I love that dress! I love the collar, I love the lace! It’s so pretty!!!

  3. Ooh I love a good vintage knitted dress – they look so pretty, and this one is no exception 🙂


  4. Oh wow it’s so pretty and I love it paired with the tweed blazer :). It’s a shame that it’s so sheer but the slip underneath doesn’t detract from it at all! 🙂 xx

    Ps I really like your hair like that too 🙂

  5. That dress is such a striking colour xo

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