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Vintage fashion is ten a penny these days, but for me, visiting charity shops, vintage fairs and car boot sales is as much about the books and bric-a-brac as the potential for a new outfit. This month I wrote about two second hand books that I love for Oxfam Fashion.

The one that I need to do some serious reading of is the 1974 copy of McCall’s Sewing Guide. I’ve mentioned before that me and sewing machines don’t play well together, but there are so many wonderful dresses I want to make, and home furnishings I want to have a crack at – how hard can making a pair of curtains really be!? – that I need to get back in the sewing saddle.

You can read the post in full here and see previous posts I’ve penned for Oxfam here. If you’ve attempted to make your own clothes before I’d love to hear what you made, and how easy (or difficult!) it was : )

McCalls Sewing Guide Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion



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4 responses to “Oxfam Fashion: Second Hand Sewing

  1. I have a 1960s sewing book from my grandma, and I’d love to be able to make things from it! The patterns are lovely. I tried a shirt and it was too small, and then a circle skirt that didn’t turn out great either 🙂 but that’s just my sewing skills…

  2. I’m planning to take the plunge in 2013 and have a go at sewing, perhaps by hand at the start and maybe move on to machine work.

    It’s so frustrating to see all these lovely items and not having the foggiest where to start. Good luck!


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