An Anti-Autumn H&M Shopping Spree

H&M A/W detailed shot

I don’t know about you, but I’m not adjusting well to to autumn. Since the clocks have changed and the weather has turned, I’ve been constantly telling anyone who would listen that it should be a legal requirement to hibernate from now until 24th December.

Sadly that idea hasn’t quite got off the ground yet, so I’ve had to ease my winter woes with a heady mix of vegetable crisps ( nowhere near as good for you as the name implies), giant bowls of pasta, snuggling under a blanket on the sofa and complaining, a lot. I’ve also taken the edge of this anti-autumn feeling with a spot of retail therapy…

Last weekend some of friends came to visit and on our way to see Skyfall at the Cinema de Lux in Cabot Circus, we fell in to H&M. Ok, we didn’t fall, she wanted to look for a new jumper, but somehow, 20 minutes later, I found myself clutching a mishmash of t-shirts, summer dresses and jumpers. Fortunately I managed to compose myself and put half of it back, but this eclectic bunch slipped through the net.

The grey t-shirt is a practical purchase as I never seem to have enough basic tees, but the striped dress, as much as I love it, isn’t exactly the most sensible purchase given we probably won’t see any sun for another six months. The bright green jumper does leave me feeling paranoid that I look like a pea pod on legs, but I really love the colour and the dense moss stitch.

Another downside of the dark days is that I’ve struggled to find the time (or light) to take outfit shots outside – hence the old school method of photography, that I haven’t practiced in ages. I’m thinking a way to remedy this might be using sparklers, floodlights, or something in between…

What A/W impulse purchases have you made recently? And do you love autumn, or are you with me on the hibernation idea?

H&M stripe dressGrey H&M t-shirtH&M A/W12 goodies



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9 responses to “An Anti-Autumn H&M Shopping Spree

  1. I love the look of the green jumper! xo

  2. I for one am definitely behind your hibination plan!

    Love that jumper though – it might be enough to persuade me out of the house!

  3. The green jumper looks lovely, I am in dire need of some knits for Winter! xo.

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  6. T-shirts and cotton dresses are always a good purchase and can be layered up for A/W…I love the green jumper too, so all in all another great shopping trip! I’m totally up for hibernating through winter; I hate it and am always cold! I’m in India this winter but bizarrely, I think I’m going to miss wrapping up in cosy jumpers and the blast of freezing air when I step outside. Beginning to realise how lucky we are to have such different seasons in the UK 🙂 x

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