Fat Face vs All Saints in Wales

Fat Face jumper and All Saints skirt

Greetings from Wales! Ok, so I’m actually in Bristol right now, feeling ill and a bit sorry for myself, but for the August Bank Holiday weekend I went to cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside, which is owned by my friend’s family.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to this cottage, formally a cowshed, every summer for the last few years, with a large group of friends. The agenda is always the same; cheese, hiking, boardgames wood burning fires and drunken singalong sessions. There is no radio, no TV and certainly no Wi-Fi, so a long weekend here is a great way to disconnect from the world for a few days.

I wouldn’t climb a mountain in this outfit but it’s great for pottering around the cottage. The chunky knit jumper is from Fat Face and the cream lace skirt is from All Saints. I’ve had the skirt for a few years and I remember that when I bought it, in London during a stint of interning at i-D magazine, I was nervous about spending so much money on one item. In reality the skirt only cost around £55 but at the time it seemed like such a huge amount of money to me.*

The jumper is a slightly newer purchase, from a shop that I rarely go in to, but I found it in the sale last spring and it’s so comfy and warm – perfect for this time of year when the weather is starting to turn. The scarf is one I picked up from the Ashton Gate vintage fair and the boots are my newest footwear purchase from Cotswold in Broadmead.

Being in Wales is so relaxing (apart from at mealtimes, when there is a scramble for the food!) and it’s really refreshing to be without a phone/computer/tv for a few days. I can’t wait to go back next summer!

Welsh cottageAll Saints skirt detailsFat Face chunky knit jumperFat Face jumper and All Saints skirt detailsWelsh woolFat Face and All Saints outfit

*which it kind of does again, now that I’m a grown up with a mortgage and bills to pay!



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3 responses to “Fat Face vs All Saints in Wales

  1. Get you with your stylish country get-up! If it was me I’d probably look like your typical person climbing hills: trackies, jumper, waterproof map, and wooly hat. Shexy!

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