Kendal Calling

Camping at Kendal Calling

I got back from Kendal Calling on Monday afternoon and the next morning I woke up with a stinking cold! My body obviously couldn’t hack the biting Northern air, despite wearing numerous layers and treating myself to this maroon jumper, above, from the Oxfam Festival Shop.

For most of the weekend I wore my standard festival get-up – shorts, a pair of black Office wellies (though it’s hard to tell what colour they are under all that mud) and black tights. The jumper was a bargain at just £4 and while it did keep me toasty, by the time I bought it on Sunday, my imune system had decided it would check out for a few days. A cold in August!? Not fair!

It’s not all bad though, as I’ve spent this evening cooking dinner for Annie by Amy and Beautiful Plumage and now we’re trying to get a bit of writting done, but gossiping and the Olympics coverage keeps getting in the way!



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3 responses to “Kendal Calling

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  2. I love how you kind of look casual but still stylish. Cool!

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