A Very Vintage Summer

Vintage green blouse

Summer, is that you? Like a fine wine or a slab of cheddar cheese, Summer 2012 has taken it’s time to mature. We finally experienced a bit of a breakthrough this morning, so much so that I decided to get my legs out in these denim shorts.

The deliciously bright green blouse is one of Grandma Ship-Shape’s cast-offs, and the Paisely scarf is one I picked up from the Bristol Flea Market. The sandals are Primark and are falling to pieces (becuase I’ve literally worn them to death) but hopefully they’ll survive one last pilgrimage to the Bristol Harbour Festival. See you there?

Vintage green blouseVintage green blouse



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5 responses to “A Very Vintage Summer

  1. Yay for actual sunshine! LOVE that green on you – looks fab. Have fun at the festival 🙂

  2. I LOVE that shade of green on you! x

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  4. Thanks guys – it’s not my usual cup of tea but it’s really grown on me : )

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