Did someone say Jubilee?

Love them or loath them, you can’t really diss the royal family for giving us a day off every time one of them gets married or celebrates an anniversary. Not that I’d know, as I’m currently en route to France, but while I was in London this week I took a few snaps of some Diamond Jubilee decorations and celebrations from around the city…

Paul Smith for Harrods

A commission of the Imperial State Crown by Paul Smith for Harrods

Union Jack Carnaby St

A sparkling suspended Union Jack on Carnaby Street

Union Jack Carn St

A shot from the back. I love the way it shimmers like a giant patriotic mirrorball

V&A Jubilee poster

A large scale print hanging in the V&A shop, based on a scarf by Laura Berens



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2 responses to “Did someone say Jubilee?

  1. I’m not doing anything to celebrate, but I am enjoying people getting so enthusiastic 🙂

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