Bristol Flea Market at Ashton Gate

Our stall at Bristol Flea Market

Here are a few more photos from the Bristol Flea Market at Ashton Gate. As I mentioned in last week’s RTW post, S and I were there as stallholders, not buyers, though a gorgeous picnic basket did manage to make it’s way home with me…

Bristol Flea Market isn’t the first time I’ve sold my wares, as it were, but it is the first time this year, and I hope it will become a more regular fixture. I’m thinking about adding an online shop to this blog and I’d love to know what you think – I’m always eager to see what bloggers like Steffy’s Pro’s and Con’s are selling, but I’ve never bought vintage online before. Do you buy the majority of your clothes online? And have you ever bought clothes from fellow bloggers? I’d love to know your thoughts, so let me know by commenting below…

Bristol Flea Market at Ashton Gate

Our stall at Bristol Flea Market

Bristol Flea Market
So many stalls, so little time!

Vintage jumpers
Some of our vintage knitwear, including Aran jumpers

Gorgeous labels from S’s label/blog Beautiful Plumage



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4 responses to “Bristol Flea Market at Ashton Gate

  1. Hey! Just stumbled across your blog – very interesting!! I was at the Ashton Gate Vintage Fair doing research for my business which is an online vintage shop. Very interesting to see your comment that you have never bought something vintage online before! Why would you say that is?
    (Bristol St Vintage)

    • Hi Linda, I’ve never bought vintage clothes online as the sizes can be really different depending on when the garment was made, and there is no standard fit as everything is unique. I prefer browsing, touching the fabric and the experience of going into a shop, plus having to pay extra for returns/delivery (for any online purchase) is a bit off-putting. Happy to be converted though : )

  2. I’ve never heard of this flea market but it looks and sounds great so will definitely have to pay a visit!

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