Tonight: Swaparoo @ Cox & Baloney

Cox & Baloney Cheltenham Road

This is very last minute but if you heart Cox & Baloney  then you’ll love their latest event: Swaparoo. Ship-Shape is a big fan of swishing and swapping parties and is pleased to see the vintage boutique is jumping on the bandwagon with monthly swapping events, starting tonight.

To take part and score some new swag you need to taking in your unwanted outfits in advance so if you haven’t already done so, you’ll have to wait until the next Swaparoo in December. If you’re going along tonight then feel free to comment on what bargains you come away with. If you’re still unsure about swapping your clothes take a look at the rules below.

Swaparoo @ Cox & Baloney’s

What is it?
A chance for you to exchange your old clothes, shoes and accessories for something new.

When is it?
The first Tuesday of every month. The first one will be on the 1st of November 2011. It will take place from 7-9pm.

How does it work?
1. There is a £5 entry fee, refreshments will be provided, this is payable when you bring your clothes in. ( These do not have to be vintage.)
2. Bring in your clothes the week before between 6 & 7 pm, Mon- Fri ( So for the first one- between the 24th & the 28th Oct between 6 & 7 pm).
3. You can bring up to 7 items, including bags, shoes, accessories, clothes and jewellery. Your items will be colour coded depending on quality.
4. You will be given tokens for the swap value of your garments on the night and then all you have to do is shop!

There you have it – a great way to get some new clobber – any leftovers will be taken to the charity shop so this is guilt-free shopping : ) For more info pop in store or check out the Cox & Baloney Facebook page.


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