Hell Hath No Fury…

Primak floral trousers

… like a women scorned and in possession of a credit card. The term ‘retail therapy’ was made for a lover’s tiff, a hard day at work or family stresses. I don’t know about you but some of my best style decisions have been made during a period of sadness or anger (most notably a perfectly fitting pair of Topshop jeans purchased in the break-up fug of October 2004).

A significant shift in life can prompt major changes in the wardrobe department and while my life is pootling along quite nicely at the moment, it didn’t stop a domestic dispute with my other half becoming a perfect opportunity to make the most of the sales at Cabot Circus yesterday.

New Look and Zara are two staples in my wardrobe – I’m constantly impressed with what they both have to offer, New Look in particular has become a real fashion contender in the last five years. Zara offers timeless, elegant basics and statment pieces that walk the line between exciting and reliable – pieces that you know will become instant classics.

Add to this that both these stores just happened to have items I had been lusting after for months – in the sale – and you have a situation that might have to eventually involve my bank manager. However with a bad mood in tow and a thrill for  a bargain I was more open to taking risks (see Primark’s floral golfing trousers, above). I even threw caution to the wind by falling in love with a full price polka dot skirt with woven tan belt, below, from New Look.

More photos to follow once I’ve road-tested all this loot but for now I am basking in the glory of my therapeutic sales trip and contemplating a online session too….

New Look salesNew Look sales detailsZara sales pieces


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