Sales and Stripes

Ah London, my second home and forever a drain on my wallet! For the last couple of days I’ve been catching up with friends, eating cupcakes from Lola’s, checking out the amazing Glamour of the Gods exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and killing time on Oxford Street.

Until this trip I had been careful to suppress my appetite for The Sales – choosing instead to work hard, go to a few festivals and avoid those dominating red signs wherever possible. I think it was this well-meaning abstinence that contributed to my frenzied attack on Oxford Street yesterday morning. It started with the search for the perfect Breton top and ended with several Mango, H & M and Next carrier bags.

I’m a big fan of Mango and it pains me that in Bristol we have to make to with a concession in House of Fraser, so I made an effort to enjoy the one located on Oxford Street. Buried under a pile of stripes I made my way to the changing room and returned victorious, with a white and navy striped t-shirt dress and a scarlet red and muddy brown cardigan which makes me feel like an extra in Harry Potter.

Stripes on Sale - L-R: H&M, Mango and Next

A quick browse found me a another stripe – this time in the shape of a vest with a breast pocket and column of buttons down the centre in Next of all places. The royal blue and white stripes are close to perfect but I still feel the perfect stripe is out there waiting for me.

Topshop, Zara and Uniqlo all caught my attention but it was H & M that came up trumps in the sales, with a colour clashing pink and red sundress, above, and  a slightly more subtle floral print dress and tunic, below. Hopefully this little spending spree has curbed my enthusiasm for The Sales but I can’t be held responsible if I pass by Urban Outfitters next week.

Fortunately I’m off to a cottage in the middle of Wales for the rest of the week so unless Topshop have opened a new store at the top of Mount Snowdon, my credit card and I should be safe.

Fade florals and salmon pink tunics at H&M

Sheer fabrics and brushed cotton



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