The Origins of Beauty

Origins goodies

In the build up to the wedding I tried my best to act like a grown woman and establish a decent skincare routine, become better acquainted with my hairdresser, eat healthily and generally take care of myself. As with most of the good intentions I make to myself on a daily basis, the majority of these fell by the wayside.

It was in fact Lorraine Kelly who kickstarted my skincare routine, by advertising a promotion by luxury natural skincare brand Origins, offering a free cleanser and skin consultation when you bought in an old skincare container to your local Origins counter. This was part of their annual Reduce, Reuse, Recycle scheme and as a brand I’d always wanted to try, I jumped at the chance to sample their products. During the consultation at Bristol House of Fraser I found that the brand also specialise in mini facials. For £15, redeemable against purchase, you can be pampered for 45 minutes with moisturisers, serums, face masks and face scrubs.

As a facial virgin I felt a tad nervous as I lay down on the table a week later, cocooned under a warm blanket as the consultant got to work, but five minutes in I wondered why I hadn’t tried this ages ago. As the owner of sensitive, dry skin I had avoided such treatments in the past, worried that I would leave with bright pink face, traumatised by a concoction of synthetic ingredients and vigorous hands. Thankfully this wasn’t the case – after a lengthy consultation and a slap on the wrist for not have a decent skincare routine in place, the lovely Michelle selected products packed full of natural ingredients that would hydrate my skin and give it that  all-important bridal glow.

By the end of the session, which included a hand and arm massage and an amazingly hydrating skin mask, I drifted out onto the shop floor in a state of utter relaxation. I treated myself to another facial before the big day (its best to leave a good three-five days between a facial and a special event) and although I’ve had to restrain myself thanks to a post-wedding financial slump, I think £15 is a bargain for such a relaxing, calming and hydrating facial.

If you’re nervous about taking the plunge into the world of facials then I would recommend a visit to your local Origins counter for a natural, luxurious treat. Oh, and for the authority on local beauty, don’t forget to check out The Bristol Beauty Blog too for skincare and make up tips and tricks.



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