Festival Fashion: St Paul’s Carnival

London may have it’s Pride Festival parade today, but in Bristol it’s all about St Paul’s Carnival. I wish I were writing this post tomorrow afternoon, after a night of hell-raising but alas I’m sat at home on a Saturday night nursing a nasty bout of festival flu. Those of you who have experienced the physical come down of a festival will know what I’m talking about – headaches, aching muscles and a cold that makes me sbound libe dis – my body is literally punishing me for having such a good time : )

Glastonbury was a riot – if you haven’t already seen my festival fashion guide check it out – as was my time spent blogging and tweeting for Worthy FM. A snoop backstage revealed that Barbour jackets were just as essential as a decent pair of sunnies, and my wellies certainly earned their stripes over the weekend. Since my return I’ve been feeling under the weather but that didn’t stop me from checking out St Paul’s Carnival today – a must on my to do list every July.

For me the carnival signifies the start of the summer and this afternoon did not disappoint. Aside from carnival costumes half of Bristol took to the streets in maxi dresses, double denim, floral hair garlands and body con mini dresses. The festival spirit was in the air, floating past giant sound systems along with the smell of jerk chicken and fried plantain – nom!

Before retiring to my sickbed I took a few snaps of the carnival in all it’s glory which you can see below. If you took to the streets let me know what you wore and what you got up to : )


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