Oops, I did it again: New Look S/S11

Peach blouse New Look

There is no excuse, other than that I lack willpower. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and I couldn’t help but do a spot of window shopping as I soaked up the rays. Given what happened at Primark a few weeks ago I should have learn’t but as I walked past New Look in Cabot Circus I couldn’t help but be drawn, like a moth to the proverbial flame.

Although I find there is less innovation in the S/S seasons (what’s that? Bright colours? Florals? Nautical? Why fancy seeing you here!) I do find it the most exciting, high street wise, as it means summer is but weeks away. Days become longer, Sunday afternoon trips to the park become de rigor, and soon, very soon, we will no longer need to think about umbrellas, mittens, coats and jackets – we can walk outside with a pair of sunglasses and a smile, knowing (as much as one can know about British weather) that everything will be fine. Sure we can layer up but we do so because we can, not becuase we have to in an attempt to avoid frostbite.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right, New Look. New Look were a big brand when I was younger but somewhere between college and graduation I was distinctly nonplussed with their seasonal offerings. When Cabot Circus opened a couple of years ago I was impressed with the New Look store – huge space split over two floors, spacious changing rooms and an amazing shoe department. I think they have a strong position on the high street and have a great mix of seasonal trends and basic pieces and I’m always tempted by one thing or another, my most recent trip being no exception.

I was looking for a lace waistcoat I spotted at the branch on Oxford Street a few weeks ago but then became distracted by some gorgeous blouses and bright t-shirts. As I walked towards the changing rooms, barely visible under my pile of treasures, I knew it wouldn’t end well – I wanted EVERYTHING! But i do have some willpower, so instead I settled for two gorgeous, slouchy blouses in a blush pink and 70s salmon colours, plus a black and cream tunic with exposed zip.

Did I find the perfect lace waistcoat? No, but given how productive this trip was I’m happy to go back and search for it again : )

New Look S/S 11Pink blouse with vintage beltBlack and cream tunic with exposed zip New Look S/S 11


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