Lust Have: D&G S/S11 floral multi-compartment bag

D&G ss11 floral bag

D&G S/S11 floral bag, photo courtesy of Wonderland magazine

Just looking at this bag makes me giddy with excitement! To me Spring/Summer is always about florals in one form or another, and this season D&G have come up trumps with this floral multi-compartment bag, above. Coming in at over £300 this bag is well and truly out of my price range but that’s why it is a Lust Have, not a must have : )

D&G floral bag Marie Claire

D&G floral bag spotted in Marie Claire

I first saw this bag in the March edition of Marie Claire and fell in love, even though it was hard to pick the bag out against all the floral and pastel going on on the page, left.

In MC the model wears the bag across her body like a satchel but on the runway the bag was carried by hand, presumably to show off the outfit and accessory to maximum effect.

Perhaps it is the exposed zips, the multiple compartments (so practical) or the kitsch floral print, but something inside of me is screaming out that I need this bag in my life. All those compartments would be practical and useful for organising my life and worn with the shoulder strap it could be taken out to work or play, day or night. I would wear it with indigo jeans or chinos and just looking at it would bring a smile to my face.

So far I have spent around 10 minutes everyday dreaming up scenarios whereby I could actually buy this bag (selling a vital organ perhaps?) but for now I’ll have to make do with staring longingly at it in MC…



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2 responses to “Lust Have: D&G S/S11 floral multi-compartment bag

  1. that is such a super cool bag, normally you’d find zip details like that on a burgundy or black bag not a pretty- feminine floral one like this- so un-conventional .

  2. I agree – I think that’s why I love it so much! : )

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