An accidental Sunday shopping spree

salmon pink jersey top

Today has been a typical Sunday – chilled out and relaxed, with a trip to Fabric Land for bridesmaid dress fabric, a visit to the Bristol Museum for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (amazing!) and an accidental trip to Primark.

All I wanted was a pair of socks – that’s all – and then I remembered I needed a new black vest top for yoga, then I was drawn to the lightweight layered jersey tops, and by the time I made my way to the till via the accessories department, I knew my resolve not to spend more than a fiver had all but disappeared. And did I get the pair of socks I actually needed? Nope.

But in my defence what I did get were some practical, versatile pieces that could be paired with skinny jeans, tailored jodhpurs or even a nice pair of denim cut-off shorts once the weather bucks its ideas up. The salmon pink colour, above, compliments my hair and skin tone and the cropped navy top, below, is baggy enough to give me cover while still looking great with a fitted pair of trousers or leggings. The red and tan faux leather satchel is small enough for popping out and about and may even be my festival bag for 2011. The rope necklace, above, was a bit frivolous but I love the nautical theme and it is a fail-safe option, along with florals, for this time of year.

At least that’s my rationale and I’m sticking to it : )

Navy Primark jersey and pale pink vest

Navy Primark jersey top layered over a pale pink vest

Red Primark satchel with tan faux leather buckles

Red Primark satchel with tan faux leather buckles

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10 responses to “An accidental Sunday shopping spree

  1. Ow I love what you got. Primark has some great pieces some times, I love the red satchel !!

  2. Hey, darling. Just came across your blog via the IFB post about the Everyday Checklist! And I just have to say – I’m so glad I clicked on your blog link! Very pretty. I am already in love with your style and blog after seeing just this first post! I love these shirts, they’re so pretty! I also often find myself on accidental shopping trips often, hehe oops!


  3. Im so happy I got to check this blog out! The pictures are awesome (I love how you styled the shirts in the window frame, good idea), and you have a great sense of style. Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way. Ill be sure to watch that Mcqueen documentary tonight! Ill be following your blog and you should follow mine that way will stay in touch! xo

    The Trend Spotter

  4. That satchel is so adorable!!

    how did i not know your blog before now? Its great! I’m in Bristol too 🙂

  5. Thanks guys – I can’t wait to take the satchel on its first outing, it just needs a vintage scarf tied to it and I’ll be good to go : )

    Vintage & Cake and Amiee – I’m such a sucker for impulse buys and shopping sprees!

    Trend Spotter – Thanks, am glad you like the blog and let me know what you think of the McQueen doc.

    Sarah – Great to meet another Bristol girl, I’ll have to check out your blog : )


  6. Jo

    Awww they look fab! You’ll look

  7. Primark has some amazing pieces right now! Shame the prices have gone up! I love that last picture, the two tops together look gorgeous. I will look out for them in store!

  8. Love the primark satchel, very much like the celine satchel that I coveted alot. Good to know that primark do a much more scaled down version (price wise).

  9. Thanks guys – Primark can be great for catwalk copies but I agree it has been creeping up in price in recent years : ( x

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