Emily Blunt’s fashion forward film

Wild Target
British actress Emily Blunt has be a guilty pleasure of mine since I first laid eyes on her in The Devil Wears Prada a couple of years ago. She is a fine actress and often ends up with some fantastic costumes to wear on screen, her latest film being no exception.

I went to see Wild Target before Glastonbury but haven’t had the chance to blog about it till now. Given its British credentials and Bill Nighy and Rupert Grint staring alongside Blunt, I would have thought the film would have received a greater fanfare from the national press. Regardless, from the first comedy caper style trailer my boyfriend and I were hooked. He likes Emily Blunt too but I don’t think it has much to do with her clothes…

Emily Blunt Wild Target

Image courtesy of snitchseeker.com

The film centres around a con artist (Blunt) and the hitman hired to bump her off (Nighy), with Ron Weasely hanging around for good measure. As film begins Blunt appears, riding a vintage bicycle complete with wicker basket, in a red coat and fabulous red heeled brogues. From this point onwards she appears in some stunningly beautiful outfits and manages to look stylish even while on the run.

Costume Designer Sheena Napier was in charge of putting together Blunt’s look, which included pieces from the high street. Yumi Clothing supplied the red coat, mentioned above, and a black ‘Hela’ dress seen at the start of the film. With a Yumi store on Clifton Triangle you can replicate the look yourself for the streets of Bristol.

Due to the lack of positive press surrounding this film there is very little information out there about Blunt’s wardrobe, which has a sense of downplayed glamour and edginess to it that really does magnify the ‘London style’. A combination of leather, silk, sequins and (fake) furs are layered together to create a unique look that Blunt works to her advantage as a enigmatic thief.

Colourful shoes and tights carry the look and despite her groomed hair and make-up the look never feels over done. I wish I knew where this outfit, above, is from though – the combination of beaten up leather jacket and canary yellow skater skirt are pure edgy perfection. Want, want, want!



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2 responses to “Emily Blunt’s fashion forward film

  1. >Totally with you! This outfit got me hooked ever since I laid eyes on it! WANT IT TOO! aawwww….

  2. >Saw Wild Target today and spent so much time adoring Emily's clothes each scene change. Any idea designer or store the sequin dress she wore at the birthday party came from?

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