A little bit of charity…

Tribal print tunic from St Peters Hospice

I love, love, love the charity shops of Bristol but of course there are always hits and misses wherever you look. I’ve often overlooked the small St Peters Hospice on Gloucester Road, as it is only a few doors down from the huge Marie Curie store, which is always full of treasures for the home.

But on Friday I wandered past and thought I’d just have a peek. Straight away I clapped eyes on this gorgeous creamy white blazer, below. Nautical double pockets with a navy trim, perfect gold buttons and a decent fit, for the price of £6 I couldn’t resist! Nautical is what i consider a ‘safe’ trend in that most people can pull it off, and I always look forward to spring when I can dust off the navy jacket and striped Breton tees. This blazer will complement the look perfectly and has quelled my desire for yet another boyfriend blazer.

Nautical charity shop jacket

So, that was the hit, but what about the miss? Well that would be this African print tunic, below. I can’t even tell you why I like it as it is not normally my thing at all, but I was drawn like a moth to the flame when i saw it. The shop assistant looked slightly concerned when I said I wanted to try on both items, so i quickly pointed out that it would not be in one go!

Charity shop print tunic

The tunic is extra large so the plan is to team it with a thin platted brown belt and some slouchy brown boots for a perfect festival cover-up. These two items couldn’t be more different but that is just the way my wardrobe is – full of contradictions.


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